Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Some Ufos are finished - and time flies


Long time no see. 
A long winter is slowly coming to an end, and with the increased daylight comes new energy for humans and nature. I have not spent much time in my sewing room lately, but my knitting needles have been kept quite busy.

Since sewing room activity has been on the back burner, I has not much to show, but since I am quite determined to not start more projects right now, everything is under some kind of relative control. 
I did work on these small stitcheries during March, but not many, so I have some unfinished blocks to bring in to April too. 
I have not started any new stitcheries, for which I am quite proud, but I have some on my list I want to do after I am done with these small gems.

Through March I finished (ripped back and started again /Ufo ) the orange pair of potholders + used up the rest of the green yarn from stash for 2 more pairs. One of the pairs are given to someone dear as a gift. 
As I like to bake bread, my potholders are constantly used, and the ones we had was worn pretty thin.

This pretty sweater is finished, thanks to my determination on not having more than 2 knitted projekts going at a time. The yarn is a mix of cotton, viscose and linen. It is nice for a summer sweater, but it did not make my heart sing.
Note to self: Yarn bought online is not always what you think colour wise or quality wise when it arrives at your home. 
Generic yarn brands are not the same as the top shelf brands - nuff said 🙈 

I have another sweater on the needles - 100 % merino wool. It is a good yarn to knit with.
I should be knitting smaller things rather than big sweaters. My hands would thank me 

I feel an urge to stitch coming  - see you soon 💓



  1. I have the book with the embroidered hexagons but have never made them - maybe one day. Your sweater looks so intricate in design

  2. Your little stitcheries are delightful, like karen you are inspiring me, I want to pull my book out too. Purchasing yarn online is always a bit of a lottery, unless you have had the same yarn previously.

  3. oh du warst aber sehr fleissig und deine stickereien sind wunderschön. viel spass beim weitermachen liebe grüsse elfriede

  4. Your little embroideries are so beautiful! I really like the sweater you made but I agree, what you see online doesn't always turn out to be what you think it will be. Happy stitching!

  5. Anonymous11:00 am

    Those little stitcheries are so sweet. Your jumper turned out beautifully. A lovely pattern. Those pot holders are great. I made a few when you kindly shared the pattern a few years ago and gave them to people as gifts. They still use them. I even sent one to the UK.

  6. Those little stitcheries are so cute......

  7. Loving your wonderful stitched hexagons. Thank you for the heart blocks that you have sent to me. They came today. I now have an idea of how to put my heart blocks into a quilt. Blessings, Clare.


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