Monday, January 08, 2024

Progress and daily threads


Sometimes it is hard to tell why a project was put to the side, becoming an Ufo.
It just happens, in the best of sewing rooms. 

Right now it is my sewing machine that is put to the side. I do enjoy the tranquility of hand work so much and hand work is easier on a sore shoulder.

Being put to the side happened to this cute hexie diamond quilt, but the Ikea cart hides nothing, just like I hoped it would not.
The quilt I will give some daily attention is #10 on my challenge list.
A daily thread or two will not make this a speedy project, but every thread will move it closer to being finished. 

I do enjoy jumping around with my limited choice of projects. 10 might not be that limited to some though. 
When I finish at least 2 projects, I will allow myself to put 1 new project (Ufo or new start) into the rotation.

My project #1 - deadline project - is coming along nicely 😍

My project #6 is also coming along nicely, one thread at a time.

It is still freezing cold here. It was -25 degrees C (- 13 F) this morning. We are wearing wool and keeping warm as best as we can.

I hope you are well and warm where you are 💖



  1. that is very cold! in a couple days we will have an arctic cold front all the way to south and it will be about 13 degrees at night - that is too cold for us usually it doesn't go much lower than 25 degrees at night. Your stitches look good and yes just a little a day will get the quilt done.

  2. The red quilting on the hexie quilt looks lovely! We're supposed to get cold this week but not as cold as you are. Happy stitching!

  3. Your hexie quilt looks beautiful, I look forward to seeing more of it.

  4. Yep! The Ikea cart is doing its job. All of your projects in this post are stunners! Your hand work and hand quilting is so beautiful.


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