Saturday, April 06, 2024

April focus projects


# 9 is the magic number in the Chookshed Stitchers challenge this month 😍

My # 9 is the red stitchery with the yellow fabrics.

The stitchery is designed by Bronwyn Hayes / Red Brolly.
It is from back then when stitchery was so new in my part of the world that shops here did not carry any yet. These have no year printed on them. It would have been fun to know how old the are.

I found these on Ebay, from Australia,  and I can still remember the joy and the anticipation waiting for the mailman. I did not find all of the 4 different designs all at once, so I was often waiting for something nice to arrive. 

Postage was not so high back then, and fees and VAT on international private small scale shopping was not a thing yet. 

I love pouches and will turn this stitchery into a special bright one 💗💛

The square stitcheries I will turn into Christmas coasters.
Designer is Natalie Bird.

I have a little quirky plan to finish something Christmas-y every month this year, if I can. 
March did not deliver, but I can always do 2 this month or another month.

I will start April with these 2 projects and see where it brings me.


On another note....

I tried to delete many unused blogs and add some new blogs to my sidebar reading list yesterday. 
I used a lot of time on that, deleting, saving, deleting, saving, without any luck.  Whatever I did, the end result did not match the effort, and nothing could be deleted.
The widget I had was most likely outdated.
I deleted the old widget this morning and started a new list today, but it will take some time to put everything in there again. I did visit many blogs yesterday, and I met many that were not updated for years, some were deleted, at least one was red flagged by my security system.
The new list will be blogs that I want to read, updated through the last 12 months.

Have a good day where you are 💗 



  1. Two great projects to work on, the designs are lovely. xx

  2. These little embroidery projects are so cute! I hope you can meet your goal of stitching something Christmasy every month. Happy stitching!

  3. Lovely stitcheries Hanne. Ugh! Why does it have to be so difficult to keep our blog lists up to date. It is sad that many bloggers are gone now.

  4. those are cute stitchery patterns. I remember when postage overseas was more reasonable now I rarely order anything from Australia like I used to for patterns and things.

  5. very cute stitcheries. Sadly postage is terrible now. :(

  6. Your stitcheries are lovely. I am finding blogger to be so unwieldy

  7. Anonymous7:57 am

    Those stitcheries are so cute. I have stitched some of hers and there was a free BOM of a cat that I did but never put together. It is a pity postage has risen so much now.

  8. Anonymous7:58 am

    That anonymous is me, Ondrea.

  9. So sorry you spent much time updating and it didn't work. Your stitching is lovely as always and they will make a great pouch. What a good idea!

  10. It's great to do some house keeping on your blog....... I've done a bit lately......
    Goodluck with those stitcheries......


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