Friday, April 05, 2024

1st finish in April

Ever since I bought my first sashiko panel, I have been smitten - with the designs and with the process. 

I love dragonflies as you may know. I love how they look and the symbolism they have all over the world. 

This tote was supposed to be finished in March - it was on my Chookyshed Stitchers 2024 challenge list -  and since it had a deadline (for a gift) I had to just pull my socks up and do it. I finished it on April the 1st.  The tote is travelling to its new owner as we speak 😀
I am happy with how it looks. I love fabric totes and use them all the time myself, instead of plastic bags.

I am aiming for a productive April - more about my focus project(s) shortly 💗

Wishing you a lovely day



  1. The tote bag turned out so nice, the sashiko center is perfect! I agree, tote bags are so much nicer than plastic bags, happy stitching!

  2. beautiful bag. Love the dragonfly panel.

  3. That is beautiful Hanne.

  4. Anonymous7:59 am

    Ondrea here... your sashiko bag is lovely. I find sashiko rather addictive to do lol.

  5. Very beautiful work, Hanne. I need to get into Sashiko. I also need to look up what dragonflies mean. I have always thought they were neat insects to look at.

  6. March/ April...... It's done and looks great.....


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