Wednesday, April 03, 2024

March = no finishes


The best laid plans and all of that......

My focus project # 3 (my own priority) - turning the sashiko into something useful and pretty for a special person in my life, with a deadline, 
 and the project Deana drawn for us, #4, which turned out to be the Raspberry tea quilt from Sue Daley are not done.

I did join together the last 9 block square and cut fabric for the sashing around the focus block in the middle of Raspberry Tea quilt.  Other than that, nothing much happened on that project.

The sashiko - no progress at all in March.

Life interfered with my plans - and when life does that, I know it is good for me to relax, re-think and re-prioritize.

Come to think of it - I did have a finish in March 😃
I am still working on shrinking my light pink and peach fabrics. 
Chooky showed us a lovely table runner when we last had a Zoom meeting, and I just had to try the technique, since I already had that template, still wrapped in plastic 🙈

This quilt top is approx.. 55" wide and 65" long, and it is ready to be handed over to the next person in the charity quilt maker group, to be machine quilted.
Did it make a dent in the soft pink stash? I do not really see one, but I think it did, since I have been pulling fabric from here and there, from several boxes.

This project had some progress, 

this project had some progress,

and this project had some progress too!

All in all, in retrospect, I see that I have got quite a lot done, even if it was not on my original March to do list.

Wishing you a lovely day 



  1. You did get a lot done! Sewing for me is mostly about enjoying and relaxing. We do that best when we work on something we are in the mood for.
    I love the quilt top you finished that looks like a braid, and I can't believe you got a whole quilt out of those scraps. I am marking you down for a quilt top finished.
    It looks like you are a lady of many techniques in March: stitching, applique', piecing, EPP - all lovely!

    Raspberry tea is so beautiful. I am sure you will get back to it in time.

  2. Any progress, no matter how small, is a step to a finish! Hopefully April will bless you with more stitching time.

  3. Lots of lovely projects. The quilt top is very lovely.

  4. You most certainly did get quite a lot done! That zig zag pink top looks great, it really is a clever design. And lovely stitching projects. xx

  5. I think one of the best things about Deanna's challenge is that every month I get to think back and see that I have actually done something during the month even though it is not necessarily the numbered project. I love the zig zag top and I'll be doing one of those while at Scrub Stitchin'. I love your fine work Hanne!

  6. Oh wow you did have a play with the same design I was playing with........ It looks good......


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