Wednesday, May 01, 2024

April finishes

April was a good month in the Quilt Corner 💕

First I finished this shopping bag with sashiko.
It was originally my March focus project ( #3 ), but life interfered with sewing, as I said before. 
Anyway - it is done, and it was shipped to another part of the country as a gift for someone special - and it got there in time for April 7th. It was very well received.

Next I finished these 4 Advent / Christmas coasters. 
They have been started years ago. The design is by Natalie Bird, as a wall hanging. We do not have much space for wall hangings anymore where we live now, but coasters are in daily use.
I try to finish something Christmas-y every month this year, just for the fun of it.

This is the April (#9) Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge 😊

The stitchery is from many years back, design Bronwyn Hayes / Red Brolly.
I never get to many of these pouches. They are good for so many things, like projects, toiletry, and what not. They pack well, both in a purse and in a suitcase. 
Sometimes I make them with a bottom so they can stand up, sometime I don't.

I looked through my Chookshed Stitcher 2024 Challenge list this morning. 
I have finished 5 of 10 - and some of the unfinished ones are big projects.
I need to give them some attention so I have a chance to finish all in time 😊

Last, I finished these 2 pairs of socks for my grandsons last night. 
My dear daughter 2 showed me a photo of Paw Patrol mittens early in autumn last year, and I agreed to make some for my grandsons.
Well - I did not like the process and the first mitten was put to the side, about half done. (That is how knitting Ufos are made)
I un-knitted the mitten in winter and started a pair of socks instead. I had to change the pattern some to fit, but that went well. 2 boys = 2 pairs of sock - that is how it is.
I must admit that the embroidered faces was so slow to make, but since yesterday was the last day in a month I thought it would make a nice finish. I have been procrastinating like forever......

Since I already have the rule of just 1 knitting project at a time, now I can start something new - and I will, shortly. 💖

New month, new chances! 

💖 Wishing you a good day where you are  💖



  1. The bag is so nice, it will be well loved! The mug rugs are too cute to use! I dribble coffee and would stain them. Your grandsons will love the paw patrol socks, you are so talented with your knitting!

  2. socks are cute and so is the bag. I have never been successful in knitting a pair of socks!

  3. You had a good month. Those socks look amazing. How clever to adapt a mitten pattern to make socks.


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