Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Feeling a bit crazy - May challenge quilt and more


Deana pulled # 5 as this month's Chookshed  Stitchers Challenge. My project # 5 is this big hexagon quilt. It still lacks 8 rows + half hexies on the top and bottom row.
I can promise this will not be finished this month, but I can promise to move it forward, every morning with my morning coffee πŸ’–

I am not to sure spring has come to stay, and in this country we are used to the changing weather in the spring. I had a lovely couple of hours out on the veranda, resting in the sun today, with an audio book on the ear. I had SPF 30 on. It is easy to forget how strong the sun is, after a long and dark winter. πŸ˜€

I have been picking some side projects to the hexagons, but found it really hard to chose.

Toy bags for the boys, with Paw Patrol fabric?
Christmas cushion? Absolutely!
Project pouch with stitchery and clear vinyl window?
Kaffe Fassett wool embroidery?
Something else?

It must be the sun and the spring that affect me - I want to do so much!

πŸ’– To much of a good thing can be great, sometimes πŸ’–



  1. I shall be looking forward to seeing progress on all of your chosen project, especially your hexies.

  2. Your hexies are so pretty! Happy stitching and enjoy the sun when it shines!

  3. Hi Hanne, I love the hexies. I've been making some with backs so I can decorate things with them. They'll be used one day. Meanwhile, enjoy the sun but not too much of it.

  4. There are some beautiful projects there

  5. Love the hexies, so pretty. good luck with choosing another project to work on.

  6. Lovely hexies and it will be good to watch them grow. xx


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