Tuesday, May 07, 2024

First finish in May + Thoughts on Ufos


Some time ago I found the pieces for this little pouch in my stuff. It was already traced and I had already done about 10 stitches with dark blue on the waves on the front piece. 
I am not sure why it was put to the side, but I do know it must have been around 2012-2013. 
Was the blue to dark? 
Anyway - I picked the dark blue thread out and started again, and now the little pouch is finished and in daily use, holding my lipstick in my purse.
I think it is cute and it was fun to finish it.
The design is by Natalie Bird / The Birdhouse

The hexagon quilt top is coming along nicely. It is nice to see it grow, and I am working on row 13 - 15 of 17 as we speak. After row 17 there are some gaps in the first and last row that will be filled in with half hexies.
I think I will be able to finish this top through May. That would be lovely.

Something has happened to how I look at my unfinished projects.....
My unfinished projects are unfinished dreams. Some (very few) do not spark joy or creativity anymore, but most of them will be taken care of and finished in one way or the other. 

I have more (many more) stitcheries that will be finished into quilts or other things. Every stitch has brought me joy and comfort, and deserves to be finished. I am very looking forward to work on them.

I like minimalism.
For some minimalism and quilting do not go together, for me they do. I need space to dream, think and create, if you know what I mean. 

I need less unfinished projects, I need less stored fabrics. 
When we lived in a bungalow, we had a lot of storage space. Now we do not have much storage space at all, and I need to keep on adjusting my belongings (read fabrics) accordingly, so my sewing room will be big enough for everything that I own. It is not a big room and it is a guest bed in here too.
I will make more care quilts, that's for sure.

💖 Wishing you a lovey day where you are 💖



  1. Cute purse & the hexie top is lookng great.

  2. The little bag is very cute! I like how your hexies are coming together. Happy stitching!

  3. Such a great design and good to have that little pouch finished. Hexies are growing very nicely - good luck with sorting all your dreams! xx

  4. Anonymous6:28 am

    The little pouch is gorgeous! Love the stitchery. I particularly like your hexie quilt, the colours are beautiful.

  5. Anonymous6:30 am

    Ondrea here... I think my comment came up as anonymous. Shall try to fix it.


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