Saturday, April 08, 2006

Snowy Saturday

Another snowy Saturday in Lorenskog.
Will this winter never end ?
It was in the paper the other day that it was 44 years since we had this much snow in April.
The temperature is low and it seems like it will last for a long time yet.....

DD1 is 18 years today, and we have had our traditional birthday morning treat -
cake, soda, candle, gifts and birthday song on her bed side.

Today is a me-day sewing wise - I think I deserve one :-)
The Bento Boxes are my treat today !


A few hours later - the sun broke through and I had a breath of fresh air on the veranda.
Can you see the flower ?
Purple, persistent, bringing tidings of spring, bringing hope for lovely days ahead !
Only 1 meter to the right it is a huge pile of snow, and to the left is our house wall


What happened next ?
I have cut more strips from my aunt's fabric collection for the Bento Box blocks, joined and ironed some for cutting in the morning.
I need 24 blocks altogether to make this quilt a pleasant size for children - as in 12 from each colour combination. I will do the green blocks first, and use from my aunt's fabrics as far as they go and add from mine when I need it.

We had a lovely birthday dinner for DD1, her boyfriend and us - home made pizza made by DD2, home made fruit jello also by DD2, and cheese cake made by boyfriend. He is a good cook - and yes, he is a keeper :-)
DD1 got a bottle of white wine as a gift from a friend of ours. In Norway one can buy beer and wine at age 18, and some are making a point of it. DD1 does not care for alcohol, nor does her boyfriend, so she gave it to mom and dad. We enjoyed it with the meal and the young ones had a sip each, in crystal glasses, concluding they did not enjoy the wine. I must admit I feel good about that.

Tomorrow my father, my DH's aunt and my parents in law will come for coffee and cakes in the afternoon / early evening. The cheese cake was rich and more than half is left. Added some fresh baked waffles with strawberry jam and maybe some cupcakes I think we are good and ready. I wonder if I can get DD2 to make the cupcakes ?

The primroses (learned a new word today) are under 2" of snow, but the weather forecast for tomorrow said +8C, so they will probably be visible again tomorrow. I hope so !
I like the primroses - they are so persistent to bloom, even with all this snow - they make me smile :-)


  1. Say "Gratulerer med dagen" to your daughter from me. I wish I could have joined you sewing, but the chores must be done.


  2. Hanne, I see you will be joining us soon in the stash ring! I wondered about that when I saw your comments posted here and there. Welcome in advance! Judy will get you activated soon enough.


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