Monday, April 10, 2006

A quiet moment

A quiet moment, some fabric, some thread and a nice cup of coffee,
and yes, I can breath both in and out :-)
When I hand quilted my Dear Jane quilt doing a thread of hand quilting gave me the same good quiet feeling.
In a busy everyday life it is so good to create small moments of flow - the moments when the clock does not count, when the overall feeling is calm and good.

I do really love to work with my sewing machine, but I have also found that these flow moments gives me even more joy in my machine work as well.
I signed up for a Celtic Knot applique class with Nancy Chong on QuiltUniversity earlier this winter, but life happened and I did not have time nor peace to sit down and study.
The table runner that was the class project was nice, but I decided to use a Celtic knot from EQ5 instead. Maybe I will make this into a pillow some time, or maybe not - maybe just a sample in my book.

I made some Bento Box blocks this morning, and now it is time to make some more :-)

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