Sunday, April 09, 2006

Quilt blocks update

The green blocks are looking better mixed with the purple blocks :-)
I have no more purple blocks at the moment, so I did not show more of the greens now.
I think this quilt will look good with a purple binding when I come that far.
I will use spray starch on these blocks from now on, as sewing on the true bias with so different fabrics is challenging. Some are veeeery streeetchy and others are not stretchy at all.


  1. I like the purple and green combination and the bento box many quilt patterns, not enough time!

  2. the purple and the green is a good combination. Its very pretty

  3. This coming along nicely. I really like the look. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous7:00 pm

    these look really lovely! great color combo!


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