Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday, Sunday

Working on my Bento Boxes and enjoying the feeling of fabric in my hands :-)
I do use "scrap" thread as well - you know, all the half full bobbins in the box. Bright apple green is in demand at the moment.
Before I always bought thread when going to Ikea, in all colours. 100 % cotton. The thing is that their selection of thread is narrow, very dictated by the colours modern in home decorating at the moment, but cheap, and you know, for a good price, we take a hand full - or more ;-)
It is good quality thread though, but apple green is not in highest demand around here.
I prefer beige for machine piecing, but as I now am piecing green fabrics the apple green, or caterpillar gut green, as I have also seen it named, is good.
By the looks of my thread collection blue scrap quilts should be sewn soon too.
By the looks of my scrap boxes it would be a good choice !
It is in fact hard to find good greens for the green Bento Boxes now.
I am half way through the 12 green blocks, and my aunts fabric collection did not have many greens. I have used the most of it now, and have to add from my own fabric collection. IMHO, the blocks appears a little mud green at the moment, but I can also see it will even out when the purple blocks are added.

My inlaws are coming for birthday coffee and cakes at 5 pm, only 1,5 hours from now.
The house is in shape, and the cakes are ready. We will have the rest of the cheese cake from yesterday, more home made fruit jello from DD2's hand, and almond cookies.

If you care for almonds, these are very quick and very nice - wheat and dairy free, so I can enjoy them too :-)

In food processor:
250 grams almonds (can be substituted by hazelnuts)
250 grams powdered sugar
Ground the almonds, add powdered sugar + 2 egg whites
Make cookies on baking sheet, bake for 10 minutes at 190 degrees C
These are best not baked to long, and I prefer not to ground the almonds to powder,
so they still has some chew in them
I will add some icing made from powdered sugar and a little water.
Can be stored in freezer - do actually gain from it.

I need a 15 minutes sort and organize on my sewing table before DMIL arrives.
I have my sewing table in a corner of our living room.
It sure has it sides, both good and not so good.
DMIL do not appreciate my creative spread-around ;-)


The guest has left and all is well. My MIL even asked me to show my Dear Jane quilt to DH's aunt.
Maybe we should have guest more often, as my sewing table was very presentable, and I have not stuffed my things in other places - I just put them away ;-)

The cakes was good, but now I am tired of sweet cakes for a while - which is good too !


  1. The Bento box blocks sound interesting - when will you let us have a look?

  2. the recipe looks yummy and since I have all the ingredients, tomorrow I will make them. thanks for sharing the recipe.

  3. Thanks for sharing! (I make a chocolate almond cake that is also wheat & dairy free! I may need to add that to my blog soon...)

  4. I have a question about those cookies, do you think they would work with ground walnuts? (I have an extra bag... I make nut loaf - vegeterian meat loaf - with it, but those cookies sound better...)


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