Monday, May 08, 2006

How to do the curves - and more

I found how you can do the curves as we do them in the class on HGTV - no pins or basting involved :-)

The principle is the same whether you are working on small or big blocks.
I ran into a brick wall with the big blocks, but instead of coming to a halt due to lack of experience, I decided to work on the cornerstone blocks, which I also chose from Dear Jane CD,
and printed in 3,5" size. My brick wall was the gluing and positioning without any shifting. Can you tell a blocks shifted badly ? ;-)

I have since then found another glue to use, so I will bring the glue to class, so others can see the light too. I guess there are more than me who has had a sticky time with the spray basting can and rather will prefer to use a glue stick of the reposition kind :-)
1/4" seam allowance does not give room for much misplacing, but with a basting spray in hand sure gives you some sticky fingers .......

The teacher, Rie, has tried many kinds, but she did not know my kind, so I promised to try it out for her.
I nearly always have this glue in my sewing box. You never know when it can come in handy ;-)

The foundation paper piecing without sewing through the paper is easy.
You have to use freezer paper, draw your block on it, and instead of sewing on the line,
you will fold the line and sew next to it.
You can in fact use the same freezer paper foundation many times, but you have to work close to an iron, as the freezer paper will need to be ironed down as you go.
The good thing about this method is that it will be no paper to struggle with in the end and it can be used for both machine and hand piecing.

The block I will use for my corner stones is Dear Jane B2 Sweet Tater Pie, and I have modified it to suit my need, by deleting the lines in the outer sections, so the block kind of floats.

This is the original Dear Jane block

And this is my block

I am really working up a confidence with this method, and today I have finished 3 blocks and am working on the next 3. I need 20 of these small corner stone blocks.
I found it faster to work on more than 1 at a time and have made 3 freezer paper foundations.

At least I have also worked up a confidence to taking on the badly shifted block big block and correct it, and work on with the big blocks too - tomorrow.

Maybe photos later today - of the small blocks :-)


  1. Interesting technique! I do want to try it, just have to get through this May challenge of mine.

  2. I admire you doing this complicated looking block to me. I like how curved piecing looks-good luck in getting this top done quickly.

  3. Cool! I am alwys amazed at how many ways there are to do the same thing...

    I was once told that I "HAD" to try "Roxannes gule baste it"
    but I prefer glue stick... (It works fine, I just prefer the other, I am more heavy handed....)

  4. This sounds interesting though I am not sure what you are supposed to do with the glue! I tried the Roxanne's stuff the other day and it worked okay but had to unclog the needle apparatus from the last time. (And I had thought it was squeaking clean!)

    Glue stick left me with gluey fingers but the glu--tube worked great!

    Guess I better click on your link!

  5. How nice for you to be able to take a class and talk quilting! You are making great progress on these!



  6. Hanne,
    How awesome to do curves! And your quilts below are wonderful!


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