Sunday, May 07, 2006

A true challenge and a short time schedule

This is Rie Norum's quilt, The Starboat.
It is so beautiful!
I am attending her class on it for 3 Thursdays in a row, and we started this previous Thursday.
We are doing foundation paper piecing without sewing through the paper, which by the way Rie first learned from me in a Dear Jane class.
She has taken the method a long step further and added circles without pinning, on sewing machine.
Rie is a very pleasant person, the handouts are outstanding and this is Great Fun !

For several reasons I have not attended classes for a very long time,
but when I saw Rie was teaching on day time I could not pass.

These blocks are very slow to make so far, but I would love to have 12 by Thursday, so I could start to work on the cornerstone blocks. Rie has used a block from Dear Jane for the cornerstones - G7, Indianapolis, shrinked in size, from original 4,5" to 3,5".
For my 12 block quilt I will need 20 cornerstones, but I don't feel like making 20 G7s - yes I am a chicken ;-))
See for yourself - here it is in Dear Jane mode and Rie has done a small alteration to hers by leaving out the white in the corners.
I think I rather do another circle block and trust Rie will forgive me :-)

The reason this is on a short schedule is that I Want this quilt to be ready for hand quilting soon. I Want this quilt this summer, not in some future !

This is how far I have got - one test block, the small one, and one Starboat block, 12 inch, so you see, I better get busy !

I know I am jumping around lately, but my 1st priority until Thursday will be these blocks, 12 of them, and the Baltimore applique for hand work.
Do you think I have a chance to make it ?
Well - if I do not try I will never know ;-)


  1. Of course you will make it Hanne, you are so hardworking and productive! the blocks as well as the finished quilt are so beautiful!!! I just wonder how you do it, paperpiecing without sewing through paper... and what is more making circles without pinning... I want to attend that class as well... good luck, you can make it!!!

  2. You can do it Hanne ! I know you can. It's a great pattern, love the look of it..*VBS* And I'm not sure I would want to make 20 of those Dear Jane cornerstones either. Just a tat over the top, I think...LOL

  3. Go Hanne, Go Hanne! Yes you can do it! We're all cheering for you and looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

  4. You can do it Hanne. Go girl go! You amoze me at what you get completed. Looks like more than I am willing to tackle but you are a go getter. Look forward to future posts of this quilt.

  5. Sounds like you are going to have the time of your life working on this quilt. Good teacher and good student--what can be wrong with that? Can't wait to see how your version comes out!

  6. don't worry about changing bits from the class sample to your own quilt. "It's your quilt!" That is how 1 pattern can be interpreted many ways, changing the colors, etc. BTW I love that way that block appears to "wave." (Sometimes the blocks appear to tilt left then right - an illusion based on the vlaues...) very cool! Good luck on reaching your goal!

  7. Good luck!!!! Give us a progress report :)

  8. I love this quilt ! Can't wait to see your progress!


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