Friday, September 01, 2006

Looking back and looking forth

These were my August goals:

* I want to finish DD1's quilt - Done!
* I have a round on the Crazy Quilt RR to finish and send before August 28 - Done !
* Finish pillow for DSisL asap - Done !
* Make gift for niece asap - Done !
* Finish a care quilt to send off by end of August together with Sunshine quilt. - I finished 2 care quilts except for the bindings, and want to put another in the box - Tonya's letter quilt, so this one is moved to September.
*It would be nice to do some DJ blocks and NI blocks too, in between. - 2 DJ blocks and no NI blocks done.

You know me - I have extended the month with a week at need ;-)
This month is good as it is.
September may come !

Vicky gave us this challenge for August

I am proud to say I earned my No Buy star

Thanks Vicky ! It was not easy, but I did it !

I am happy I did not go all the way, like some did, and not buying anything of anything, as I got some second hand Japanese magazines and a Japanese book for a good price

No, I do not read Japanese, but I do read Quilt :-)

The Japanese are good at making diagrams to work by, and they do use metric measurements, which are possible to read in between those special beautiful signs / letters of theirs.
As a Norwegian, where we use metric system and me using imperial in quilting, I am measurement bilingual. It has it's advantages :-)
The photos in these Japanese publications are also very nice.

The previous owner of these magazines and book is giving up quilting, more or less, for other crafts.
Isn't it the beauty of crafts - if one craft does not sing with you, you can do another and still let your creative juices flow :-)

The goals I have for September is listed in my previous post.
Name & Claim - some have asked about how it works.
I just do a little list of what I want to work on and air my goals.
Making it public and blog it makes it official and easier to do for me.
I am a simple soul and I can easily motivate myself like this ;-)


  1. Congratulations on reaching your August goals! Welcome to September!

  2. So let me get this straight--you don't need to extend August by a week? That's great!

    I have to resort to "I may the goals, I can change them" yet again but I'm not being hard on myself about that. I added one more for the heck of it and now I'm hand quilting it! Oops, best update that on my list.

  3. WOW you did a fantastic job on your August list! Way to go.

  4. Is is that time of the month again where you review your goals and create new ones. Oh dear. Congratulations on getting so much done. I consider August a success for you.

  5. Those Japanese magazines look really cute. My daughter is obsessed about Japanese - and I bet she might even be willing to make a quilt if the directions were in Japanese.

  6. You are accomplishing so much.......... I am following behind.............

  7. August was a good month for you. Congratulations for all your accomplishments.

  8. Congrats on achieveing most of you goals for August. Especially on the 'no buy' front. Love hearing about your projects :)

  9. You did an awesome job on your list! And congrats on your no-buy star! You did good!


  10. Congrats on August accomplishments. I did not make the no buy star but I am very happy with my decision to buy when I did. Sometimes one has to make those tough decisions. I look forward to seeing your completed Sept. goals. You are so productive.

  11. Wow you got a lot done in August. Now to tackle the Sept list. LOL

  12. Hanne, I love your post. You accomplished your August goals, you got a gold star, and now I must go read your September goals (reading backwards, you know)

  13. Congratulations Hanne on earning your gold star and getting so much done. You are inspiring to us all!

  14. What a great job you did on your August goals! And you didn't fall off the no-buy wagon. Good job Hanne! I have some Japanese quilt magazines too - I just love them for inspiration. They can take the same fabrics and designs the rest of us use and make them look so very different. There was a special display of Japanese made quilts one year at the Sisters Quilt Show. They were absolutely incredible.

  15. Hey there Hanne
    Well done and *high fives* for making it thru August on your fabric diet. Thank you also for your inspiration and support helping me thru mine ;-)
    *huge hugs*


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