Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday update

Small steps in the right direction :-)

DD2's quilt has got a border, is sandwiched and is ready for machine quilting.
I think it will be smart to quilt every log in the ditch, just so it will keep up through the years.
DD2 was young making this - it must be about 7 years ago - she is now 15.
Some seams are a little short and one place the seam allowance is very scant.
She was very clever sewing this by herself on paper, printed from EQ4.
She decided the block herself, I printed, she sew herself, with minimum help and interruption.
I think I have a photo of her in an album - way before digital camera. If I can find the photo I will upload it with her finished quilt.

My tote stitchery has got some threads in too.

My goals for tomorrow is to finish DD2's quilt, do a couple of threads on the stitchery and make 2 more pairs of DJ blocks.
If I can make it I have met my revised September goals, which will be lovely, and if I can't make it, it is steps in the right direction.
If I do not try I will not know, right ? :-)


  1. I love the colors she used... and I'm sure since it's a first quilt, she'll always treasure it! I look forward to seeing her picture. :)

  2. Isn't DD2 blessed to have such a mother as you...... Wonderful memories will be with that first quilt.

    You will make those Sept goals easy now that you have begun again.

  3. You are making good progress. Keep it up!


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