Thursday, September 28, 2006

Reality check - and - taking inventory

All of a sudden I felt a need to take a reality check and take inventory.

Conclusion - I am over the limit project wise - I need to pair down before starting anything new !

September has been a very busy month life wise and I have not filled my goals at all. In fact very far from it. Not that I should let a list of goals rule, but when I can not reach most of my goals I need to think them through. If not, I would have to prolong September with a month and I think that is to long for one month ;-)

What you see here are all my going project and they are, starting from the top left:

1. Stitchery for my new tote - I need a new tote very fast

2. Tonya's letter project - I need this project done within 4 weeks to take to next guild meeting for Show & Tell, to inspire others to sew care quilts and send all my finished care quilts off in one box, saving money on postage.

3. Dear Jane blocks - I need to do some curved blocks and blocks with inset seams and make photo handouts before Thursday in 2 weeks

4. Nearly Insane blocks - to be enjoyed, but want the top done over the winter

5. The Watermelon quilt - want to finish top for big stitch hand quilting asap. Will be a nice project to hand quilt over the winter.

6. My applique project - to be enjoyed only :-)

7. DD2 cuddly toy quilt - sewn by her at around age 8 (now 15) and I am now given the honour of finishing it - needs border, machine quilting and binding. It is not big - 4 blocks only, but it still needs to be done.

I have one more project that I do not care to list or take a photo of right now - the Snowman Collector BOM quilt - blocks done - ready for sashing the blocks and join them ++, but that will not be done this year either by the looks of it.

All in all 8 projects - at least 3 to much.
I will pass on all new starts until I am down to a manageable number. I know how Ufos and Wips breeds by cell dividing, and I don't want or need to go down that road again.
Only years back I had more than 50, less than 100 projects going at the same time and it was truly overwhelming - and No Fun At All !

All my ongoing projects out in the clear light - and now - to work :-)


  1. I wonder where september is gone. I had so many plans but very few are completed. Just work work work. Hope time calms down a bit soon.

  2. I think you are doing good. 8 projects compared to more than 50 last year is terrific!!

    I hope to follow your example and have less than ten within a year.


  3. You should be leading the rest of us! Some of us are where you were in the past--up to 50 projects that are in the UFO / WIP category! Good for you to keep things uner control now!

  4. Good for you, Hanne. Far better to admit that we bit off more than we could chew and change things around a bit--just suggestions to keep us on track and focused.

  5. I'm not sure how many projects I actually have started at the moment. On think I will inventory on Saturday since the month is ending.
    You are doing good if you have gone from 50 projects to only 8. Keep up the good work!

  6. I understand how you feel but just relax and enjoy all of your projects - they are all beautiful!

  7. That's exactly where I am--more than 50, less than 100 UFO's/WIP's and that doesn't count the "I wanna do's"! Did you really get them all done, or did you abandon them, give them away? Tell us your secret! Obviously it was being very good like you are now to say no to new things. I wanna do it all! The only thing I have been good at is saying no to any new fabric, period. That's a start.

  8. Are you saying you only have 8 UFO's total? That's pretty good. You've done really well to from 50+ down to 8 so stick to your goals and finish up some before it gets away from you again.

    I counted about 15 UFO's at the begining of the year but others keep popping up. I'm sure I have at least double that. I don't mind the finished tops waiting for quilting - I frequently let tops *age* on the shelf for a while but the unfinished tops bother me.

  9. Hanne...Really... you have 8 UFO's.......... I am sitting here laughing loudly.... I have more that 8 upstairs... I am not even sure I have less than 100. I am plugging along and getting them done. I have followed your guidelines of focusing on a limited number at one time and that has really helped keep the numbers down. Passionate Quilter is right about one thing you have to STOP BUYING.......... I am finally doing that...........

    You will have those projects done in no time..........

  10. Even though I probably have more than eight projects - but not much more - I fully understand what you are going through. I too have been limiting myself this year to how many projects that I start and working away at finishing what I have already started. Good luck to you. You are an inspiration to all of us.

  11. Good luck to you in working on your UFOS! I can't seem to stop starting new projects. In fact I'm working on a new one today! I'm so hopeless..... LOL!

  12. reality checks are a good thing-staying in your comfort zone is important- hurray for you!


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