Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I am a late joiner on this one, and I see I have a small collection compared to some.

I use the magnetic pincushion and the one on top of my waste basket all the time.
The waste basket pincushion is filled with bird sand, which cleans the needles, or so I am told.
The finger pincushion holds the short pins for applique, and the little needle book holds all other needles that are in use, including machine needles. I do not mix the used needles with the new.

The pin you see in the green pincushion is my good helper when I do hand quilting. It is an embellished darning needle bought in a class meant for making marks on fabrics, like a Hera marker.
I use it to slide the ending knot on the thread when doing hand quilting, before popping the knot into the batting.

I have a box of new pins in a drawer. When my pins get used up, blunt, damaged or bent, I fling them and treat myself to new ones from the drawers.

It is cute to see so many have the Norwegian Chicken pincushion.
The pattern was sold by Doreen Speckman after she saw it here in Norway. It was in a Norwegian quilt book at the time.
Doreen visited Norway a couple of times (I think) about 10 years back. I remember seeing her photo in the Norwegian Quilt Association's newsletter a couple of times.


  1. Lovely pincushions. I have not shown mine yet. Have a lot of them but have to dry the dust and threads of them first.
    The chicken pincushions is from Annie Eikenes og Lise Bergenes book from 1995. Found it today and checked it.
    Now I have started to find fabric for Judys new one hour quilt. Are you going to join too.

  2. Thanks for reminding me . . I have one of those little waste basket things too! But I keep it on the left side of my sewing machine because my left hand throws the threads away but my right hand uses the pins. Hmmm .. have to figure out how I can make that work.

    Judy L.

  3. I think most people have one of those waste basket things attached to a pin cushion as well. I guess I need to get busy and make myself one! Thanks for sharing your pincushions. You also have a very cute little needle holder. Is it made from wool?

  4. Again, more good ideas from you. I will be going through the box of old costume from my mother to find just the right thing for my embellished needle... Then I will have an essence of her to sit with me when I sew........

    Did you make your pincushion ring?

    Everything you do is so elegant.....

  5. Thanks for sharing your pincushions. Every one seems to use theirs, except for me.

  6. your finger one looks like the one I need to replace--only I put mine on my thumb. I miss that thing---maybe that is what I should whip up first!!

  7. So that chicken is Norwegian! How interesting! It seems to be the runaway favorite!

  8. Somewhere in the back of my mind this week I was thinking that Doreen Speckman "took" the chicken pincushion from a small shop in Norway... thanks for confirming it!

    I have very few pincushions - I guess it all goes to - what works for you!



  9. Hey there Hanne
    I love your collection, and the pincushion with the wastebag looks fascinating ... did you make it? I love the Norwegian Chicken pattern, Doreen Speckman's pattern is great. I was so sad when she died, I had always hoped to spend time with her on one of the cruises she used to do.

  10. Hi I'm new here and would love to have the directions for the little thumb pin cushion.


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