Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Testing and enjoying

Never a dull moment :-)
I am testing different applique methods and I am enjoying myself.

The first "butterfly" block is done. It is starch and press. The method is ok, but I found it hard to smooth the edges if needed. No surprises as I went. I felt the need to rinse the block after finish. It felt so stiff.

Next I started again the block I flung earlier - remember the glue stick block ? - now using needle turn and cut as I go.
Yes !! I am eager to continue !!
As this motif is like a papercut the placement was not an issue.
These blocks finish 6" so placement has to be fairly accurate.
I have to look into using placement guides, like the light table under the book and background or an overlay placement guide or drawing some placement guides on the background fabric with pencil. I do not feel confident to eyeball placement on these blocks - yet.

Thank you Tazzie for generously answering my questions before I started :-)

My favourite kitten has been visiting today and we have enjoyed the applique together. She has been purring happily on my cutting mat when I have been working next to her :-)


  1. Anonymous9:11 pm

    good luck with your applique testing!

  2. Wery well done Hanne. I prefer to glue my application.

  3. You are a better quilter than I am! Find what works best and keep on doing it!

  4. You have more patience than I do - I like my applique quick and easy. I use fusible web and then I blanket stitch by hand.

    I like your blocks - are you putting together a sampler with your blocks made using different applique methods?

  5. Hi Hanne. I am a back basting enthusiast. I don't like gluing as is mucks up my needle and does fell so stiff after. To each wonderful sewist her own! My second most used technique is starch and iron. hugs and more hugs:0

  6. It is so good that you are testing different methods to see what one works for you. I always think I should do that, but I never get around to it. I like the needleturn method the best, since it involves less prep - don't have to turn those seam allowances under first. But I cut before I start. I'd be afraid it would be hard to cut later, because I would be more likely to make a mistake and it will be harder to see how the applique will fit on the block. What is the advantage of cutting as you go?

  7. I always enjoy your color choices. You have such a good eye for what goes together.

    After you mentioned that book I went online and ordered it. I hope it will arrive soon.

  8. Your applique photos are a wonderful incentive for me -- THANKS! I have dallied too long in my approach to return to applique.

    Do you think our 'over information' may be causing many of us to refuse to learn a technique that once was considered relatively straightforward?

    Great job!


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