Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday evening

I had several thing on my to do list for these last days, but sometimes life interferes with quilting, as you know.
I have started to cut Leanne's House block # 2, and I had plans about sewing the block both yesterday and today, but have not been able to do so.
In between being busy on other arenas I have done threads on this redwork instead. It is one of my father's drawings of my childhood's nisse ( Norwegian Santa) that I have stitched, with his permission.
It will be sewn into a Christmas post pocket I will use for a class this autumn.
I will stain or dye this stitchery with tea before framing it with patchwork so it will get a more vintage look. Both tomorrow and Monday will be busy, so it will not get a tea bath before Tuesday.
I will give Leanne's House block # 2 another try in the morning - promise :-)
I have to get up early then.
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  1. This is so very charming. What is a Christmas post pocket?

  2. How wonderful to stitch your father's drawing! It is beautiful.

  3. hanne, i visited your blog today for the first time. your quilts are beautiful and i love your redwork! so simple yet so pretty

    cityquilter grace

  4. Anonymous6:33 am

    Hanne, how cuuuuuute ! Your father is such a talented designer ! And your stitching is a compliment to him... (a "family affair" !)

    Oh, I would love to be one of your students ! (lucky them!)

    Hugs & smiles,

  5. What a great red work embroidery. How clever to do a drawing of your fathers. What an honor to him. I like your idea. I will await the finished project.

  6. Så koselige nisser du har sydd.

  7. How cute. Your father is talented. Looking forward to see the christmas post pocket.

  8. How nice that you stitched your father's design. Doubly special!!

  9. How nice to have your father's drawings to make into redwork designs. Such a special memory.

  10. Nissene are adorable!! Love the redwork you've made of them. Looking forward to the Christmas pocket:O)

    Looks like it's about to be a beautiful day to spend out side in the sun.


    Smile- Yvonne

  11. Koselige nisser.

    Likte vikrelig den blokka du har laget

  12. Oh The santas are adorable! Your Leannes House block is looking great as well, have fun with #2 :)

  13. Lovely draws and very special too. The rework will look very nice with the tea dyed

  14. What a marvelous thing to do - stitch up a drawing of your father's. What a treasure this piece will be!

    What do you use for your base fabric? Something like a Kona solid? And am I remembering correctly - you put a thin batting behind the stitchery and do your embroidery through both the background and the batting?

    Thanks ahead of time, Hanne!


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