Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Days flying by

If you see a pair of legs flying by your windows, it might be me :-)
It has been some very full days - full of different events, mostly non-quilty.

I promised to show you my purchases from last week, and here they are - mostly CW repros or fabrics matching them, all 1/3 meters cuts.

The embroidery floss has a story of itself. Nope, I have not gone bananas in a shop ;-)
My dear aunt had seen a box from DMC, with 100 skeins of embroidery floss, for a good price. She did not want the floss though, as she has floss as we have quilt fabrics. She had tried to purchase the box only, with no luck.
I have seen the same box before, but did not want the box, but would love to have the embroidery floss.
Get the picture ? :-)
We agreed to do a split - my aunt purchases the box through mail order, kept the box and sent me the embroidery floss. She paid all the postage and I paid the thread. A good deal were had by both!

DH is away most afternoon and evenings now. His parents have bought a one bedroom flat and are emptying their row-house with 3 storeys.
This is my dear mother in law's sewing box from late 50s, early 60s. It has not been in active use for many years. It now belongs to me :-)
I plan to make a new fabric cover for the drawer and the whole thing can do with a good scrub down.
I love things with history.

Look where found our beloved grand-cat on Saturday. No wonder she often comes in, her fur full of dirt.

We had some nice days through the weekend.
Our youngest nephew had his church confirmation on Sunday, and it was lovely to be able to spend some time outdoors during the celebration too.
We got so much good food and cakes I am still full.

A new string quilt is in the making. Nothing as relaxing as a busy sewing machine :-)


  1. Hanne, I am constantly amazed at the amount of things you manage to do. If your legs are running past my windows, I hope they stop in for a cup of tea. Your four patch quilt was beautiful, and I love the colors you have chosen for this string quilt.

  2. What wonderful fabrics and 100 threads, my gosh. That's an interesting looking sewing box, lucky you and your puss looks so comfy in with the flowers.

  3. So it was you passing my window today. I hope you make time the first week in feb 08 to make a visit. Look at Nadine's blog and you'll understand :)

  4. WOW you have some great fabrics, floss and sewing box.

    Love the colors of your new string quilt.

    Great photo of you grand-cat. I have to keep the flower gardens in my back yard fenced, because my dogs love the mud, dig holes and bring the mud in the house with them.

  5. Do you know what? I've got a similar, not exactly, sewing box from my aunt, who died some years ago. I have not made a new fabric cover yet, and now I'm waiting to see yours....
    Your new string is very nice!

  6. I like your string quilts a lot, I need to make some of those! Your new fabrics are gorgeous, enjoy!

  7. How nice to have your MIL's sewing box - it's a really pretty piece of furniture! I love the colors of your strign quilt too.

  8. Hanne, you have been busy! Wonderful fabrics and floss. Isn't it nice that you and your aunt could work out the deal with the floss and box? :-) The sewing box from your MIL is dear and I'm sure will be treasured by you. Looks like another great string quilt is being made, too. I love seeing all of your projects. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I've said it before but I love how you use color in your string quilts. This is another great combination.

    The sewing box is great too.

  10. What a great deal with the thread and the box! You will have many stitching days with that, and you have the sewing box to put it in. That's a wonderful piece of furniture for you. Feels like an heirloom, doesn't it? Your cat is so funny!

    Do you collect CW fabrics?

  11. Hanne, what a wonderful heirloom you have! Now you have a place for all that wonderful floss! I love your new string quilt. You are right about sewing away on the is so relaxing.

  12. I heard running by my window but by the time I got up to see who it was, you were gone. Wow, you were moving FAST. LOL

    You are so productive. I love the sewing box. You'll put it to very good use!

  13. I love those string blocks!!

  14. Ååå den gule der ble bare sååååååå nydelig. Og forresten så solgte de sånne pakker med brodergarn til halv pris her for ett par dager siden.... men jeg visste jo ikek att du ønska deg...

  15. forresten - syr du de string-quiltene på papir eller stoff-underlag?

  16. Wow! The sewing box is gorgeous and how wonderful to have a piece of family history. Great deal on the DMC floss. I like the way your aunt thinks.

  17. What lovely things you have shown us Hanne, but I especially love the sewing box! That is such a treasure, and you deserve it, I know you'll love it so.

  18. how lucky to get that wonderful family sewing table-and the string blocks are fantastic...all that yummy floss too! love the rainbow colors of them together

  19. That chest is really lovely. It will look great with all your new floss in it!

    And I love that string quilt! You are really inspiring me!!!!

  20. Heldige, du.....
    De quiltene er bare flotte


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