Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunny Saturday

That was yesterday - today it is cold and wet, and it has been snowing not very far from here.......

I am calling this strip quilt Sunshine Scraps.
It is still short of a border, which will be deep red, and a pink binding.
DH is going to sail with friends in Greek waters on Saturday, staying a week, so I am aiming at having both the string quilts sandwiched before he leaves.

Since yesterday was such a lovely sunny day I went for a walk, visiting a flea market nearby.
It wasn't very hot though and it was windy, so I came home with roses in my cheeks.
Here in Norway we have the tradition of spring and autumn flea markets. The local school band here has the biggest and best 2 days flea market in this area, and it is fun to stop by, even if it might be just for looking.
The income from the flea market goes to paying uniforms and tutoring for the band players.
I like school bands for 17th May, our National Day, and I enjoy it when they are practicing marching and playing at the same time - which can be difficult for the young ones by the look and sound of it - LOL - so we try to contribute goods (fleas) every year.
Garage sales are not common at all here.

This year I was on the lookout for traditional Norwegian Jars. These, with the special lid, and Norge (Norway) embossed in glass, either on the side or on the glass lid, are no longer in production. They are traditionally used for preserving food and jam.
I got some 1 litres from my mother in law together with her old sewing box last week, and I have some 2 litres from before.
I wanted some of these 1/2 litres for displaying with thread, spools, pearls or something here in my sewing corner. I will be making the lids into pincusions.

The glass hearts and glass bird I also found at the flea market, and they bring back memories of my childhood's Christmas, hanging in the window by thin nylon thread. I have 2 hearts and a bird from before too.
These are Norwegian crystal, from the 70's (I think) and I got them for a very very good price. I guess the woman at the table did not know what she was selling or did not care.
Goes to prove that one woman's trash is another woman's treasure :-)
Over the last years we have been giving a lot to flea markets and not bringing much in. I notice that the things I bring in are either of good use or small treasures, like the sewing box, the Norway jars and such.
I am drawn to simple abundance. I guess I am getting old(er). :-)


  1. Lovely, Hanne. The glass , too. I would love a picture of the sewing box too.

  2. What fun treasures. I love old jars too!! I happen to have one of the red fabrics in your string quilt. What a pleasant surprise!!!

  3. Oh your post brings so many memories! When my boys were still very young, we lived in a house that my grandfather built, it was one block away from the 'new' high school. That school had an award winning band and it would practice by marching around the block, right past our house. I would take the boys out to the curb and we had our own private parade each day! Your Norwegian Jars are much like our Mason jars and are used for the same purpose. I have two dozen new ones waiting for me to 'put by' some family favorites. So glad you posted about this today!!

  4. All those good memories that your post gave me made me forget to say that I love the bright happy yellow and red string quilt, too.

  5. Love the things you found! The string top is delightful!!

  6. Disse stripequiltene blir så flotte og denne er virkelig full av solskinn og glede.

  7. Very nice, Hanne! I have a lot of such "Norweaianglasses" from my mother in law, earlier I used them for jam and such things, now I use them for Christmas cookies, they are very useful for that too...with the strong lid.
    Today I will post a photo of my old sewing table, and we can compare them.
    Your string is a very "happy" one!!

  8. WOW....the strippy quilt has such beautiful colours. A colourful spot. I have been organizing my fabric drawers today and perhaps such a quilt will be made when I'm able to sew again. I got toooooo much old fabrics I want to use.

  9. As always, another winning quilt from you.

    Isn't it good to find things that bring to mind such lovely memories? Seems as though you had a pleasant adventure.

  10. Cold and wet, but gosh, that string quilt sure brings a lot of sunshine around!


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