Friday, September 07, 2007

Using from scraps - I have a plan

The new cupboards from Ikea (see August 18) have made a great difference in how I see my fabrics. It is easy to see what I have and it is easy to pick what I need.
It is so much more fun to use from the fabrics and you know I have a plan to empty some of those extra plastic bins with mostly scraps.
I can't say that this quilt top made the biggest dent, but one bite at a time, and the elephant is eaten before you know it :-)

My plan for September is to make 3 tops from scraps, for care quilts.
Step 2 will be to machine quilt and put binding on in October.
Step 3 is to display the quilts at our bi-annual local quilt show in November, to try to inspire more quilters to make care quilts too :-)

I am no saint - I bought approx 5 meters of CW repros yesterday. To touch, to dream, to cut into, to enjoy!
One have to have a balanced diet, right ? CW repros is a special food group - like vitamins, Vitamin Q :-)


  1. 5 m CW repro? My God! Gledar meg til å sjå dei, og sjå kva du lagar av dei!
    Utruleg kva ein kan lage av "skrap"...det blir lekkert!

  2. I'd love to see a picture of the civil war fabrics, too. VBG The strip
    quilt is very nice and your plan for using up scraps sounds very good.

  3. I'm with you Hanne, love me some Vitamin Q!

  4. Anonymous4:35 am

    That quilt is gorgeous. Your plan to get 3 quilts done in 3 months is impressive. Wish I could do the same but I do not have a machine...yet.

  5. Nice job Hanne, I finished up a HeartStrings quilt the other day too. I like your plan and I'm sure you will inspire others to make care quilts too.

  6. WOW! You are doing gerat. Hope you'll manage to fullfill your plan. I believe you'll do it! Your quilt is so nice. Keep up using your stash, it gives more pleasure in provinding new "vitamins"

  7. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Beautiful quilt! See how a trip to IKEA can fix so many things! (Must be wonderful to live close to an IKEA store!).

  8. wonderful string quilt and a great plan Hanne

  9. Lovely colours you used for your string quilt!

  10. You are aa girl after my qwn heart lol! Does one ever need an excuse yo purchase Civil War repros? As for my elephant - the bites I'm taking seem tobe so small that it will take years to eat him!

  11. Amazing job!! I am convinced that scraps have babies when you're not looking! ;)


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