Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday progress

The purple string quilt is done :-)
It will be sent to children with long term diseases through the Norwegian Quilt Association later this autumn when I can put 3 quilts in a prepaid postal box.
This quilt got no border because I am short of purple fabric in the right shade, but I think it looks good without border too. I am on a fabric diet, remember ? :-)

The Snowman Collector BOM is a true Ufo - my only old Ufo.
I Want it done this autumn!
All the applique is done on all the 12 blocks, so what is left to do is to cut the blocks to size, frame them and sash them.
This is 1/4 of the quilt put together.
I have cut many 2,5" squares so it will be easier from here :-)


  1. The quilt looks great without the border. Love the purple and I'm betting any child who receives it will love it also. Those Snowman Collector quilts are so cute. I quilted at least a dozen of them and was tempted to make one myself but never did.

  2. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Good job, Hanne ! A little one will be so happy with this string quilt...
    And the Snowman collector quilt is going to be oh so cute ! LOVE it !


  3. glad you are feeling well enough to quilt and stitch-these look great!
    gosh, accidents have been happening all over blogland..I was so sorry to hear about yours. I love your October goals-good luck!

  4. Oh that purple stripe quilt!! It is wonderful!!!

  5. The purple string quilt is really nice Hanne, but I'm absolutely loving the snowman applique - Wonderful!

  6. What an energy! I am envious on all things you manage to finish! Hope you head is healing well!

  7. The string quilt is very nice, and sure to be loved. I really like what you're doing with your Snomen too.

  8. Godt begynt på snømannen. Nå er min ute av skapet også

  9. wow - godt begynt. Kan jeg sende deg noen blå kvadrater kanskje - ser jeg har flere av de samme stoffene som du har....

  10. You are off to a good start this month. Hope your eye is healing well.

  11. I love the purple strings and the snowmen are so cute! I love the picture of your kitty all wrapped up in the quilt. :)


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