Thursday, October 04, 2007

Small steps

DH brought a cold / stomach bug home from Greece - guess who got it and guess who is a bit grumpy!!

I am making progress on my October challenge regardless, stitch by stitch, but not in the speed I would have liked.

Snowman Collector quilt got a block framed, the yellow and red/pink string quilt is ready for binding, and a Leanne's House block is ready for stitchery.

I am crossing my fingers that this bug is gone by Saturday - I have signed up for a weekend class. I want to have fun with my new little sewing machine :-)


  1. Hope you are feeling better to make it to your class this weekend.

    When you do not feel good it is hard to concentrate so take your time.

  2. I am amazed at how much you have gotten done while feeling so poorly. Get better quickly so you can enjoy your class.

  3. I love the colours in your LH block! I am just quilting my LH quilt at the moment. I love it.
    Hope you feel better soon!!!


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