Thursday, November 08, 2007

Busy sewing day

Today has been a busy sewing day indeed.

A group of my online friends - May Britt, Nancy, Sigrun, Sølvi and myself -  met on Messenger and worked together from 3 pm until about 10 pm, meeting online at 6 pm, 8 pm and 10 pm.
We have chatted and egged each other on, and we all have results to show.
Those saying internet steals sewing time should have sewn with us today!

I have machine quilted around all the blocks on the Snowman Collector quilt, 2 rounds, zig zag-ed the outer edge and cut the edge clean.
I still have one round of machine quilting to do around each block, and the hand quilting around the applique, but since the quilt is coming with me to the local show this weekend, for "show and sew" it does not matter if I have done some of the stages in a strange order ;-)
I will see if I have fabric suitable to add the binding tomorrow morning - if not, I will just work on the hand quilting.

In between I have made a small makeup purse for a gift.
My DD2 is going to a 16th birthday party tomorrow and she ordered a makeup purse in the colours matching the recipient's handball suit.
My DD2 had the layout in mind, and she is happy with the result.
The purse will be given with some money or some makeup - whatever suits the young giver tomorrow after school.


  1. Du greide det! Presangen ble ferdig i kveld! Takk for hyggelig sysamvær i dag. Dette må vi gjerne gjenta.

  2. This was a great day sewing togehter with friends. Let's do it another day too.

  3. Takk for følge i går - og gratulerer med ferdig gave

  4. That sounds like fun!

  5. Looks like you acheived a lot! Way to go!

    I think I'll go to the show tomorrow. When will you be there?

  6. I can imagine how much fun you had! :-)

  7. Sounds like a fun and productive time was had by all in the online sewing get-together. The little purse turned out really cute.

  8. Things go so much better when you are in the company of friends.

    Looks like you were most productive.

  9. Time spent quilting with friends - even if on-line - can be a lot of fun.

  10. Nothing like sewing with friends but it makes it special when u guys r far apart.......wohooo for the internet!!!!

  11. I am so glad you got to sew with friends!! I love the bags you make. Very pretty.



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