Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Project progress

Days are flying by!

The Snowman Collector quilt is ready for quilting - finally.
I planned to use cotton batting and thought I had a new packet of it, but fact is that I have only pieces suitable for smaller quilts.
I found a packet of wool batting on the shelf and thought, why not - use it!
I have never used wool batting before, but if I don't give it a try I will not know how it is either.

I will quilt all the frames around the applique blocks by machine and quilt around the applique by hand.
My original plan was to finish this quilt by this upcoming weekend, for the bi-annual local quilt show, but as you see, I did not make it.
Life has a way of interfering with quilting sometimes.
It will get done in 2007 though, and this is my one and only old Ufo right now :-)

The Peace and Plenty stitchery from Leanne's workshop in Trysil is done though, and will get a fabric border and framing tomorrow. It looks Good :-)


  1. You did a great job today. So fun having a sewing together day by msn. You pushed me to start the makeupbags today.

  2. Great progress! Love the snowmen and your Peace and Plenty block!

  3. Gratulerer - kjempegodt jobba

  4. You are almost there. I'm so curious to the the whole quilt finished.

  5. Yay! You are really getting this done. Not so long ago, you were ready to stop at 4 blocks.

  6. You are looking good. And are getting much accomplished.

    At least one of us is making progress.

  7. Så flink du har vært idag Hanne og takk for hyggelig syselskap.


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