Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunday block and Monday block

Wenche has been here since Sunday, but I am filling my NI quota, more or less :-)

We have been around some and relaxing some.

Today we went to Ikea. I did not shop very much, but found some good things, like a storing box suitable for my machine embroidery thread, and some clip hangers for trousers that works wonderfully for hanging quilt stencils. I think I have to go back for one more storage box. Ikea is 10 minutes from here - lucky me!

Wenche is good company and I welcome her back any time.
Sorry I forgot to bring my camera around !
I guess Wenche is glad I did not bring my camera - she was loaded to the brim with luggage this afternoon at the train station, heading home. 1 big and heavy suitcase and 2 BIG bags from Ikea + her tote.
Next time, next time .... :-)


  1. Eg bøyer meg i støvet for dette fantastiske uthaldet!!!
    Tusen takk for sending i går!

  2. Hanne, I did get home safe ;-)

    DH did not know what to say.....

    The NI-blocks are so nice, you have done well..


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