Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The whole stash

6 months ago, August 18th 2007, I showed my stash, and promised to be back in February 2008 with new photo(s)

Back then I had 1 bedroller, 9 see through boxes of 15 litres and 1 of 8 litres, plus some fabrics here in my sewing corner as well........

Now you see the whole stash show as it is today - the cupboards, which is half and half books and fabrics - a bit more stuffed than before, but I am working on that + 10 boxes (15 litres each), included the one in photo # 2.
Many have wondered about my red and white stash for my NI quilt - here it is + a couple of 1/4 gallon zip lock bags of small scraps.

I think I can say I have used the equal of the content of more than the bedroller and I have less fabric today than I had 6 months ago!
I am patting myself on the back here and promise to be back with more photos in 6 months :-)

Since I am going to Shipshewana soon, I can not promise a stash shrink of any great value in the next 6 months, but you never know.
Maybe I will buy less than you think and save my money for more travelling!

So far in 2008 I have bought very very little and used from stash, both fabrics and thread.

Go Stash Users Go !!


  1. Hanne, you have made wonderful progress in your stash shrinking and project completion. I would wager that you won't be able to resist the fabric in Shipshewans. VBG I am so looking forward to meeting you there.
    The NI block sections are gorgeous!

  2. Hanne, I love seeing your stash. Currently I am sorting through my stash (for the second time in less than a year!) and getting into cabinets like yours (mine are white). I love these cabinets with the glass doors...soon mine will be filled as yours are...sorting and folding takes so much time


  3. Your stash looks sooooo great. I wish I had mine so good organized as yours. You still have SO much red and white again. Are you going to make anohter NI perhaps ??? LOL

  4. How nice, so neat and tidy....you must be proud of that stash...

  5. You have been really good at using your stash more than adding to it. Great!


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