Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Monday

In Norway we celebrate Easter Monday, or Second Easter Day, as we call it here.
Shops are closed and those going away for the Easter are on the roads, heading home.

We prefer to stay home during Easter, go for day visits and entertain day visitors.
Between the both, I have finished block # 8 for my Leanne's House quilt and joined all the batting on the back by hand.
Doing stitchery through batting has it advantages and disadvantages, depending on the projects.

The last block, block # 7, is still in pieces, literally speaking. It is cut and sewn into smaller sections, still lacking both applique and stitchery.

Well - if I put the pedal to the metal I should be able to show some progress on both this block and a couple of other things by the time the bed is calling tonight.

The Lent challenge I participated in for the last 40 days is over and I can again start new projects - which I will, I will, today, right now :-)

Stay tuned :-)


  1. I'm so curious, can't wait to see what will be revealed at this blog this evening...

  2. This is looking so beautiful! OK - so now let's see some Civil War Diaries blocks, right? Or have you decided to do a different project?

  3. Hanne, you are making wonderful progress. Will you be bringing this to Shipshe? I'm looking forward to your next project/s.

  4. Your quilt is coming along nicely! Do I understand correctly that you are doing the embroidery work thru the batting? Doesn't that make your stitches extra big? I'm curious about this...

    When are you starting the Civil War blocks? My book is scheduled to arrive on Thursday from Amazon, so I'm hoping to get started this weekend.

  5. Hei Hanne! Hjemmepåske er bra. Spesielt når man vet at akkurat nå står folk i bilkø i snøvær og når de kommer hjem må de pakke ut, ordne, spise det de glemte i kjøleskapet før ferien... osv.

    ps - det er selvsagt du som åpner bananer på den rette måte - det vet jeg jo nå. ;)
    Kanskje vi sees denne våren?

  6. Is it the fabric you buy in Elverum you started on? How long do I have to stay up to satisfy my curiosity? I am so nosey

    I realy like the Leannes block- nice. You have worked hard!

  7. This is gorgeous!

  8. This is really looking great, Hanne! You will get that last block done too, hang in there :o)

  9. It's beautiful, where you get the pattern?

  10. Wonderfull, when I come to visit your blog I will find some work very beautifull, I'm italien and I will try to learn alone to make quilt.
    I like the fabric that you used.


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