Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday afternoon

I am starting with the simpler block, as you see, to see if the fabrics and colours works well.
I picked out a fabric in my first block from yesterday.
I wanted to use the blue-ish deep reds, like in red wine and grape juice, not the yellow-ish reds, like in rust, and the rose fabric on block # 1 was more on the rust side in daylight.
I like these blocks and now I have only 118 blocks to go, if I go for the full quilt, like I think I do :-)
Both the grand-cat and I are wondering what happened to spring ?? Where did it go ?? Have you seen it ??
20 inches of snow since yesterday afternoon is Not Charming !!

I invited DH to the movies last night. Weather wise it was not a nice drive, but Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd is worth driving through snow storms for :-)


  1. Very pretty blocks! It's going to look so different made with other fabrics instead of repros.

  2. My cats don't even like to go out when it is warm. I'd never get them to go out in the snow. (Well I did, but it didn't last long & they were not cooperating.)

  3. That sure is alot of snow!!!

    I love your fabrics that you are using. I started the quilt a couple of weeks ago and only have 11 of the blocks done. I am just going to bounce around with the blocks. Are you going to do them in any certain order??

  4. What did you think of Sweeney Todd? I liked it a lot, but still prefer 'Edward Scissorhands'.

    Sweeney Todd was a bit too 'stagey' for my full enjoyment.

  5. These colours are lovely Hanne!! Cant wait to see your progress and I have heard that you have lured Anne Ida into doing this quilt as well!!! I think its a beautiful quilt!!

  6. I agree about the colors. When you showed them awhile ago I thought it was pretty and have been waiting anxiously to see them made up.

  7. Flotte farger i blokkene Hanne. Jeg sydd ikke i går så nå ligger du foran. Skal på Bua nå å rydde klart til dere kommer i morgen. Håper jeg rekker en blokk før LQK.
    Dette er spennende

  8. I enjoyed Sweeney Todd:).

    The fabrics are gorgeous and I look forward to seeing more...lol.

  9. Anonymous7:55 pm

    I love your new quilt! I know it will be spectacular just like the last one! The fabrics you have chosen will be perfect!

  10. Du verden for en energi - og for et MOT til å sy masse blokker og mange store tepper! Konkurrerer du med noen, eller? Flott blir det ihvertfall...

  11. Love the fabrics you have chosen to use...the pinks are just wonderful with all those tones. Your first three blocks turned out very well...here's to getting more and more done!

  12. Hei :o)
    Takk for bursdagshilsen!!

    Fargene du har valgt er veldig fine :o) Prøver du å sette en eller annen rekord?? :O) Du har sydd EN DEL blokker siden jul!! ;-D

    Ha en fin helg Hanne


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