Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a beautiful day on the north west coast :-)


  1. West is best, or what??? I suppose you take your students outside up there in Ålesund? Wish you would travel by my place, but I guess you're leaving on a plain from Vigra? Look forward to more photos. Next time you have classes in Ålesund, tell me right away, and I'll come...

  2. We were not so lucky in Tassie today...wet and grey!! Although it was a perfect day for watching a DVD and stitching!!! Cathyx

  3. Thank you for a great course, Hanne! It was really nice to get to know you. And I am really pleased with my bags. Hugs from Siri.

  4. It must have to do with the NorthWest part. It was a beautiful day in Oregon today ... another NorthWest coast.

  5. Jeg syns du lager så masse fint!! Er interessert i Dear Jane- prosjektene dine, og er veldig gira på å begynne. Men har tenkt å avslutte noen andre WIP'er før jeg begynner!
    Jeg ønsker deg alt godt i helseprosjektet og ser fram til at du er i full fart igjen! Du lager så masse fint og gir inspirasjon til meg, og helt sikkert mange andre!!
    Stor klem fra Tingeling

  6. It's a beautiful view Hanne! We're traveling to Copenhagen next month but I don't think we'll have time to visit any other country on this trip since Keith's schedule is pretty full. One day I hope we'll be able to visit Norway.


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