Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas cookies and days flying by

Christmas preparations and busy days - Christmas can come now, more or less.
Some food shopping, a weekend cleaning, decorations and we are ready to celebrate.

I see I have not been blogging for more than a week - days are really flying by.....
A stomach bug got the best of me this week, but I have done some stitchery and read some books, which is good too :-)

I forgot to take photos of some of the Christmas presents I sent out earlier in the week.
I made more Christmas cards too, and they are all sent.

I have to make some gingerbread cookie dough in a minute, so DH and DDs can make them tomorrow. That's their job, as always.

Above you see the 2 other favourite cookies we have for Christmas - Julemanna and Krumkake.
We have a marang tower cake ( kransekake ) in the freezer too.

Traditionally there are to be 7 different kinds of cookies for Christmas. Over the years we have picked our 4 favourites and let the other kinds go.
We fill bowls of fresh fruit and chocolate too, so we will not starve or come down from the sugar high for a long long while ;-)


  1. Yummm! cookies! i was just saying to a friend that their is no such thing as too many cookies :D

  2. That is what I am doing today too... cookie making. Also a little sewing. I have come down with a cold. I hope you are feeling better. Merry Christmas!

  3. I am going to bake krumkaker today. And perhaps bake some scones. I am almost ready now, just wash the floors and the bathroom. Hope you are feeling better now when chrismas is almost here.

  4. Mmmmm. Looks jummy:o) Hope you take the time to take a break and having a cup of tea and eat some of that jummy cockies:o)

  5. DH was just whining that I was not making krumkake this year--won't tell him someone else wasn't as lazy as his DW!!!

  6. I hope we get to see a photo of a real kransekake!It sounds delicious and beautiful.

  7. Krumkake are a Christmas tradition in our house. Oldemor used to make them on her stove-top iron but I use an electric iron. We usually make flavored whipped cream to go with them. oooo... I really need to make some soon!

  8. Dette ser deilig ut. ├śnsker deg en riktig god jul

  9. Love your blog! So great to see the life of Norway. We made Krumkaka to celebrate our Norweigian heritage in North Dakota USA. Thanks for sharing!


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