Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sew together weekend tally and more


We started yesterday with a lovely shop trip to Lappemakeriet, to celebrate Siv Hege and enjoy each others company :-)
I had left my camera memory card in my computer at Bente’s, and my camera has very limited memory without it, but at least I got this lovely photo of the birthday girl and May Britt :-)


Here are one of Bente and me - taken by May Britt.
As you see, we are really enjoying checking out the new fabrics :-)

After our shopping trip - yes, I brought some goodies back too  - Bente (no blog), May Britt and I continued working on the care quilts.
May Britt finished the yellow one with hearts, binding and all !!
Bente finished another top - she now has 3 tops to her name !!
May Britt helped her pin basting the last of her finished tops.
Bente now has 2 of  the 3 tops ready to machine quilt - she is good, fast and accurate :-)


I am not any Speedy Gonzales - you know, what I lack in speed I have to put in in hours ;-)
I did manage to cut and sew the blocks for a second Disappearing 9-patch quilt though, and cut a pile of 6” squares for future quilts of the same kind :-)


In the evening we had a lovely meal of traditional salted and smoked meat and sausages, potato salad, salad, scrambled eggs, flat bread (traditional), bread rolls, lefse (traditional),  and a good red wine on the side.


I absolutely love Bente’s quilt Svennebrevet, which I had the pleasure to wrap myself in this morning, eating breakfast outdoors.
It is another BOM from my favourite shop Lappemakeriet.


Another one of Bente’s beautiful quilts:


The computer crew was busy before 8 am this morning. Sitting in the early morning light is lovely! :-))


All good things comes to an end, whether we like it or not…….
I am at home again, full of Vitamin Q, and May Britt is also at home now, after a long bus drive.

Lots of warm thank you wishes to Bente for a marvellous weekend !


This little cute wall hanging is on Bente’s kitchen wall.
It says - Small things, big joys :-)



  1. Dette må ha vært en kjempehelg!! Både sosialt og produktivt. Dere har lagd veldig mye flott...

  2. Ooohh it looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Det høres ut som en superhelg. Jeg blir nesten mat av å se hvor mye dere klarer å sy! Selv om disappearing 9 patch er morsomt og raskt, så skal de jo likevel syes... Imponerende!!!

  4. Så kjekt de har hatt det! Det er jentene som veit å kose seg.

  5. Next time I hope to spend more time with you and the gals. Totally enjoyed it :)

    Siv Hege

  6. Looks like you all had lots of fun. You're looking so good too! :)

  7. Du har en spennende og flott blogg. Det ligger en hilsen til deg i bloggen min.

  8. Amazing... I love it


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