Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inspiration and bargains

This is why I went shopping on Tuesday - to find fabrics for my basket quilt - and the fabrics I found was Perfect, no less :-)

I am not working on this quilt now when the weather is hot. If you live in Norway you know we just have to spend time outdoors when the weather allows - you never know if the days of sun and heath will last for more than a few days at a time.
I am sitting outdoors with my laptop, audiobooks and stitchery - life is good :-)

You know I have a very very very soft spot for Lappemakeriet’s BOMs and now I caved in to the last one  ;-)
It is very soon out of stock.
The blocks I can easily do myself, as all the blocks are in EQ6, but the fabric selections - they are lovely - I say no more :-)
I do also enjoy the regular envelopes in my mailbox, eager to see what fabrics I will get each month.

You can see this BOM quilt up on the wall in the class room in the previous post.
I can resist all but temptations - or something like that ;-))
DH thought I deserved this one too - he is a keeper indeed !


From the bargain table - a half quilt hoop, very suitable for hand quilting outer borders, and a cat note pad - both 70 % off.
Can you see how the cat look like our cat ?

Talking about the cat - she is neurotic today, just running in for quick meals and running out again.
No chance for a cuddle today.
I think she thinks she has to go to DD1’s soon, as usual, and there she can not enjoy the lovely outdoors.
I guess she will calm down again in a few days.

Only long distance photos allowed today - keep your distance please! I’ll run faster than you!



  1. Very nice! I also had a quilt trip day at Shipshe's first Quilt Show in the Farmstead Inn, which looks much different than for DJ retreat, and the Topeka Quilt Show. I too bought fabric (Civil War & Jane Sassaman), and one pattern. I am surprised you remember me! Yes, I would be most happy to see you again. Maybe in the Fall you will come for DJ?

  2. Basket quilten din ser flott ut, gleder meg til å se den ferdig, nydelige stoffer du har fått tak i her. Ditt nye prosjekt ser også spennende ut, som sagt jeg må nok en tur utover en av de nærmeste dagene:-)

  3. How good that you had a pleasant day on Tuesday. Seems as though you found some excellent bargains.

    Soak up that sunshine while you can. It restores the soul.

  4. Have been watching a musical DVD shot in your American country gospel group..and enjoyed the scenery.
    Cats are there own animals are they not. Mine tried to hide in a new spot yesterday..and was there 6 hrs no movement. Had I not seen the bright eyes I would have been terrified she had got outside.
    I took photos of course.

  5. I am glad you had a great time, and will look forward to seeing more of your lovely basket blocks.

  6. Looks like you had a productive day. I wish the rain would stop here so I could go outside! The new shop location looks lovely - how nice that you can have some cake and coffee and sit and stitch - what a great idea!


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