Sunday, December 20, 2009

4th Sunday in Advent

The queen of the household has graciously accepted a new cuddle and control spot in the sewing corner.
One can not let the house quilter sew without occasional supervision :-))

The last 4 Advent Calendar packets are opened and the favourite part of Christmas, Advent, is coming to an end.
I got beautiful gifts in my calendar today:
A very beautiful makeup purse from Bente - the very first makeup purse I have ever got as a gift!
A very cute box from May Britt - maybe for my morning tea ? or buttons ? or ribbons ?
A fabric bowl for snacks for Christmas from Nancy,
a scissors fob from Stina.

Thank you all, for the beautiful gifts, for lightening my Advent time, for being my friends, for sharing my Advent joy :-)

I had to take a closeup of the fob - isn't it gorgeous ??
Mini strawberries in wool decorated with embroidery floss.

All wrapping paper and ribbons have to be thoroughly cat checked. The duties of a house cat can not be taken lightly :-)
Note from the furball: Can you see that I have moved in permanently ? A lot of duties to catch up on here! PS. I have lived here permanently a while now, but all these Christmas preparations are quite new to me.  Purr purr.
Krumkaker are done, as is the dough for gingerbread men and Julemanna. Christmas meat for the smorgasbord is simmering in the kitchen

Now it is time for some sewing!



  1. Hope your Fourth Sunday have been as good as you hoped for this morning..:o) I see some cakes baked... nice!!! And lovely Advent gifts... :o)
    Put up your feet and enjoy!! :o)

  2. Frida is also supervising all christmas preparations from her chair. Wondering when the tree is coming into the house. And she thinking how Furball will climb in your tree LOL

  3. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Furball looks so fluffy. I bet you can lose your fingers in her thick coat. I wonder if she'll leave the tree intact or rip it apart. LOL. BTW, my little furball just plays with a few of the ornaments on the bottom of the tree; a very good girl indeed.


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