Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Counting down

All the Advent candles have been lit, and there are only a couple more days to go.

A small gift for my niece and her fiancé. I have made many of these small bags this year :-) Nice for cookies, sweets, nuts or to keep tea candles. 
This is the very last of my Christmas stash - and now it has moved out of here, to a friend who is great with making gifts for friends and co-workers. 
I have now enjoyed these fabrics and am happy to pass the rest of them on :-)
I am really not a gold print and Christmas print person.

As I am  cleaning and organizing for Christmas, I found that is was good to put all my hand quilting thread together. All fit in one nice box :-)

My sister in law and brother in law have wished for a Christmas tree mat for a while. I think this turned out very nice! 
The squares finish 5". It can double as a table cloth too :-)

I have one more gift to go - not a big one, and I think I will enjoy making it, tomorrow.

We are still not done with all the preparations around here.
It would be nice to just chill out like the furball :-)

PS. The stitcheries from the earlier post are Kristin Langebråten designs and Northern Quilts designs - both Norwegian designers.



  1. Just wondering about the little bags, were they a pattern, I saw them on another blog. They are so nice, I am crazy about candles at the moment and wanted to make some for my candles.

  2. Whish you a Merry Christmas, and I hope the Christmas will bring you lots of joy, and happy moments :o)

  3. The red quilt looks beautiful and gorgeous right for the Christmas atmosphere.



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