Monday, February 15, 2010

Focus projects - let the week begin!

By setting my goals not to high, I am aiming for success :-)
8 blocks for 2 BOMs in 7 days - I think I can do that !!
All but 1 block are hand work and go well with the Olympics on TV and other things going on.

Hehe - the furball tested herself as an Olympic commentator, but prefers to watch the birds through the living room window, making funny noices.
The furball is leading by example, and I am planning to chill out like her every day this week. Maybe not with the same amount of stretching and grace, but anyway.
I am very tired after the last days events.

Olympics on TV, hand sewing, a lot of hot tea and rest - life is good and strength will come back!

Have a good Monday all of you!



  1. Flotte farger på prosjektene dine. Tror du klarer å utføre det du har tenkt denne uka. Godt å høre at du er igang med favoritthobbyen igjen etter siste dagers hendelser. Lykke til! Ser forøvrig ut som katten er enig med de fleste ang. logistikken under OL. Mange klager på at de ikke klarer å lese tidsdifferansene...

  2. Dear Hanne, you can do it! But remember relax enough, too...

  3. I am sure you can do that Hanne..

  4. Så hyggelige gaver du fikk fra jentene på morsdagen - de er nå flinke og søte :o)
    Pelstrynet kan det dere med å nyte livet, godt vi kan lære litt fra dem :o)
    Det er nok mange flotte prosjekter på gang rundt om kring i Norges land, nå under OL..... Jeg skal i hverfall få sydd min del, og du din del...... herlig !

  5. I have been reading your blog for over a year, mostly on Saturday mornings when only my 5 year old and I are up. I drool on my computer each day I read your entries over your beautiful quilts.

    I have a quilting internet friend who I have been emailings since 1996. Tina lives in Norway and that is how I found your blog...doing a Saturday morning quilting blog jump around the world.

    I decided that today I must comment because of your reference to the Olympics. I live in Ontario Canada and have the Olympics on whenever I have home and awake...much to my 5 year old's dissapointment as he would rather watch cartoons! Since Tina and I have shared much of our Countries' over the years I cheer (almost) as loundly for Norway as I do Canada. Our athlets are doing so well! Go Canada! Go Norway!!!!

    Ian just turned the TV to "his" channel so it is time I start this Saturday and get to the chores. I will quilt later this afternoon.

    Orangeville, Ontario, Canada


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