Friday, May 14, 2010

Quilts + long weekend + friends = FUN

hanne bursdag

Wednesday I went to May Britt's for a looong weekend, and as you see, I was in for a big surprise - a surprise party to celebrate my big 5-0 birthday :-)
I thought I was to use May Britt's key and go in to the apartment when she was still at work, but I was met by a pink girly drink, party hat, balloons and all :-)

hanne bursdag 2
After, we had cake and fruit on the veranda.
Thank you for making my birthday so much fun!
A big birthday can be celebrated many times over :-)


In March it was my turn to give May Britt and Bente a challenge. They got a piece of tanned fabric, a zipper and the pink and green silk ribbon. The theme was On The Road (ut på tur).
Since life has been fairly hectic since I came back from Canada 3 weeks ago yesterday, I had not met my own challenge, but this is what May Britt and Bente has made.
My plan was to make one of the same model too - to funny - great minds thinks alike :-)
My contribution to the challenge has to be done by next time we meet.

This envelope contains the next challenge, from Bente.

The text says - to joy and usefulness, alone or together with a small group.

Here is the materials to work with - a piece of beautiful rose fabric, a heart and a button. Raus = to be charing willingly (more or less)

Here is Bente in deep concentration.
And here is May Britt :-)



  1. I so Big time missed your 5-0 birthday.... and I want to give you one HUGE hug to celebrate it... I am so happy your friends made your day so special.. Stor kram från mig!!! :o)
    Och som vanligt så älskar jag att se dessa underbara bilder från lapptäcksbutikerna!!!

  2. Ser ut som dere har hatt en festlig dag!!


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