Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gift and other goodies in the mail :-)

A while back I had the pleasure of helping LeKa with some fabric she could not get hold of anymore, and look what I found in my mailbox the other day - a piece of lovely Japanese fabric and the cutest makeup purse!

Thank you  ever so much LeKa!!

When I left Canada in April I had to leave several things behind to be able to get my suitcase through weight control without to much overweight.
This set of patters was one of the items that I got from my friend Val and left behind.
It was originally a kit set that she had saved and not started for a long time, but I liked the pattern better than the fabrics, so the fabrics went to another quilter and I got the patters in the mail this week.
I can see this one before my inner eye in Japanese fabrics - maybe some day ……. :-)

Did I hear backbone of a jelly fish, eh ????
Oh yes - indeed - that is the fact - I am the softest one when it comes to BOMs :-)))
This one is a 4 month BOM from Northern Quilts -  sort of mystery - check it out!
It is still available as patterns only, both in Norwegian and in English (Utland)

I will not start any new projects before I am done with the 2 ongoing focus projects - promise !! :-)



  1. Ja, ja, det vise seg om du klarer å hodet dette løftet :-)))
    Nydelig sminkepung du har fått!

  2. Grattis med gave :o) Den var jo bare så søt da :o)
    Det er så morsomt å følge bloggen din (har gjort det selv om jeg ikke har etterlatt spor hver gang...) Du er jo en racer! For min del, inspirerende :o)
    Ønsker deg en flott helg, og håper du er i bra form, og at nakken lystrer deg nå ;o)
    Fortsatt god bedring,

  3. Heia, så hyggelig at du likte den lille sminkepungen og stoffet :o) Tusen hjertelig takk for at du hjalp meg med stoffet som jeg manglet !

  4. Løfter er til for å brytes, ikke sant? Ihvertfall når det gjelder stoff-relaterte ting.

  5. :) Good luck with that! I always have several projects going!


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