Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I have been goooood :-))

P1060601 P1060604

From Friday 3rd September I have focused on these 2 projects, and it has paid off, even if I might not have done as much as I first thought, since my shoulder took a hit in the car accident.
The shoulder is on the mend, so I am giving this challenge one more week from now :-)

Anyway, it has been fun, even if I long for some red fabrics too!

I also have cut some blue fabrics for some upcoming gifts - stay tuned for results shortly :-)

I am dreaming about red stitcheries:

Lynette Anderson's Scandinavian Christmas BOM, all parts collected - bought here, patterns only.

And these lovely small projects from Lilly Pilly (Jo Chandler) at Lilly Pilly Designs:
I won this in her pattern release giveaway and it is for sale if you want it too!
Lovely miniature gifts for your friends for Christmas maybe ?



  1. Det er like spennende hver gang jeg titter innom :o) Ny bom Scandinavian Christmas er bare rå lekker ! Gleder meg til å se din utgave :o))

  2. You really have been goooood :)
    It`s great to hear that the shoulder is on the mend.
    And red..... who can do without red?

    All the best and a good hug hk :)

  3. Alltid flotte prosjekter du jobber med! Gleder meg til å se de ferdige.
    Håper det går bedre med skulderen.

  4. Hei Hanne!
    Godt at det ikke gikk verre med deg i kollisjonen!
    Du raser stadig av gårde - jeg har knapt sydd et sting siden sommerferien. Forklaring kommer om ikke lenge...
    Klem, Berit

  5. I love all of your projects and you will really enjoy making the Scandinavian Christmas quilt....I also love red and just can't do without it!

    So glad your shoulder is better.


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