Sunday, April 01, 2012

Long time, no crochet

P1050894On Friday I got a drop dead gorgeous kit of Laurel Hill ebony crochet needles as a gift.
I had to try them out at once and they are smooth as silk to work with, with a very good finger grip.
I grabbed some baby wool and started first one preemie hat, and then another.


First I embellished the red hat with a self composed flower, but I have since then learned that the small babies skin are to delicate for embellishments, so I will save the flower for a future baby afghan. It looks good though, so I will keep the idea in mind for other future crocheting too :-)


Can you tell I am a little restless today - my sewing machines is in for a service…….
I am going away for a while in just a few days - no machine needed then :-)
I am still wondering what hand work to bring, that will not get caught in any security controls.




  1. Hanne, I brought my crochet in the plane for New York, a month ago and I had no problem at all, it was clover crochet and I had twice of them on in my cabin siutcase and one in my handle bag with my pencils

    another time, I brought quilting with no cissors and it was absolutly ok.
    Marie (france)

  2. They are very cute little beanies, its a shame you can't embellish with the flower as it looks fantastic.

  3. I love the hat! I am trying to relearn crocheting at the moment. I am more a knitter and stitcher though. My eldest daughter has just taken it up and is doing well. Keep up the lovely work.

  4. A dental floss container has a tiny razor inside that is very good for cutting threads when you are travelling - I have not had my dental floss taken away from me when traveling! Have a great trip! Cheers! Evelyn

  5. Have a nice and save journey. Hope you get filled with inspiration

  6. Those premmie hats do look so cute. I love the flower-- you could use them on lots of different things eg headbands,bag etc.
    Have a lovely holiday and hope you manage to get lots of handwork done.


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