Friday, April 27, 2012

There and back again :-)

March was super busy with a lot of fun stuff and a lot of sewing going on.

April 4th the travel for Canada and USA began:
I came home yesterday afternoon and I do have a lot of photos to go through.

The suitcase and backpack got unpacked yesterday.
The laundry is done, and it is time to sort and put my purchases away:

P1060374My fabric treasures absolutely gives away my fabric taste, don't they??
Civil War reproduction fabrics - yes indeed :-)
Mostly Fat Quarters + a few larger cuts in the background.

I visited several shops, but most of all Lolly's in Shipshewana, IN.
The atmosphere and service there is The Very Best!
Hugs to Kris and Mike + all of their staff, for wonderful moments, many laughs and lots of fun!

P1060375Stocking up on notions too off course :-)

P1060376Not to forget books and patterns :-)

I have slept for 14 hours through the night - went to bed at around 8 pm and got up at 10 am today. Jet lag is slowly wearing off.

I will do some sewing, later today!
My sewing machine has been in for service when I have been gone.


No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.
~Lin Yutang

It has really been great 3
weeks, but it is also great to be home again,
catching up with family and friends - and life in the quilt corner :-)



  1. Velkommen tilbake,Hanne,fra det store utland! Flott Civil War stoff -bunke og en del ting alle har bruk for!! Hyggelig å høre at du har hatt det bra:-)

  2. Wow...det var jammen litt av et innhold i kofferten din!! Herlig sukkertøy for øyet dette :) Me like!

    Ha ei god helg :)

  3. ÅÅÅÅ så flott tur du må ha hatt! Heldiggris :-)

  4. Anonymous8:10 pm

    It sounds like you had a great time on your holiday. Good for you.

  5. Fantastisk mye fint stoff! Blir nok mye fint av dette :o)

  6. Godt å se at du er vel hjemme igjen!
    Jammen har du fått med deg hjem masse flotte stoffer og kjekt utstyr.. kos deg i sykroken!

  7. Glad you had a wonderful trip! :-)

  8. What a wonderful stack of goodies you brought home. It sounds like your trip was a success in every way. Glad you are home safe and sound. I can hardly wait to see what you create with all that new fabric.

  9. wow beautiful civil war repros and it's good to hear that you enjoyed your trip.

  10. Så mye spennende stash, og lurt å sende symaskina på service mens du koste deg "over there". Gleder meg til å se alt du skal lge av den store stoffhaugen ;-)

  11. I love your purchases. Your fabric choices resemble what I would buy. Have fun with all your new things.

  12. Velkommen hjem igjen!
    Det er jammen meg mye fint du har handlet med deg....må være utrolig morro å pakke opp etter en slik tur.
    Ha fortsatt flott helg.

  13. Velkommen tilbake til Norge i vårstemning!
    Så utrolig fine stoffer og så stilfull sammensetting. Da er det vel bare å sette igang?

  14. So good to have you back home again. Have missed you. Next time I am going with you over there!!!

  15. You went home with a LOT of loot! Looks wonderful! I also love your stitcheries. I love to do it too and sometimes I can do it in the car or truck. The truck can be too bumpy and that is what we use for long trips. I just HAVE to have some stitchery to do while watching TV. I think I am about to start doing the stitchery for a pattern by Crabapple Hill - Over the River and Through the Woods, so that will keep me going for a while! I'm thinking of doing it in blue.


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