Sunday, April 01, 2012

Tuesday class with Gail and Helen

P1050840What a wonderful day - 2 teachers, 2 classes, in the same room - and we were there to enjoy it all!

Gail and Helen divided the room between them, and my part of the room had Gail's class first, doing applique.


We were a lovely gang around our table, learning, chatting, laughing trough the day!

P1050852P1050854I love both Gail and Helen's designs, and have several of them from before - both single patterns and books.
Adding their smiles, their voices and pleasant personalities to the mix just adds to the good things, making me wanting to do more of their designs in the future.


After a good lunch our table did stitchery with Helen, and we all learned a lot of different embroidery stitches.


After the classes we had some time together, and had our photos taken.



It was very nice to have our photos taken with Gail and the quilts both May Britt and I have made from her patterns.
You might remember how much I enjoyed doing this quilt - and now it is even more special, being Gail approved ;-)



Here are the work I started in class and my purchases from the trip -
many good memories to cherish and many good moments ahead!
To much of a good thing is gorgeous :-))

I hope to meet you again in the future!


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  1. Gail and Helen are so nice !!!
    I enjoy the time with them as much as you !!
    I hope to see them again too !


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