Wednesday, August 01, 2012

This & That - and a Christmas surprise in August


I am in applique mood, and right now I am in the mood for more summer colours than the red and white you have been seeing lately.
We are not having much summer, so the light, bright colours are nice to work with.

P1060779I guess my brain is not tuned in to doing a project starting with block 1 and ending with block 20-something.
I have recently come to the conclusion that I am a mess when it comes to follow a very strict A-Z quilting plan, and I am hereby confessing in public.

P1060794I decided to give this project some full days attention, and it is paying off.
I now have a lot of finished appliqued blocks - the 3 blocks below lacking stitchery.
Not long ago I asked Chookyblue, who is the hostess of the SKoW online BOM, if it is ok to do the blocks  bingo style instead of in numeric order, so now I can post without feeling like a mess.
That put the joy back in the project again - thanks a lot Chookyblue :-)

P1060784Looking through my project box I find that 4 out of 5 projects are applique and stitchery combined, in one way or the other - the same 4 projects are also of Australian design…..
The last project is my own design.
Do not worry - I do have more projects than this - these are on my current short list - the others are put away for now.

P1060781Miss Cat could not care less about my projects as long as she is allowed to rest in her chair, on a quilt, looking her very best :-)


Christmas in August :-)
The postman brought a packet from Melanie for participating in Scandinavian Christmas online BOM.


Thank you very much Melanie!
I am not done with the BOM - but I do still enjoy the process, and the quilt will decorate my home for Christmas - that I can promise :-)


I love gingerbread cookies -  my favourite Christmas cookie - and these were home made and very tasty with my afternoon coffee.


The cute coaster is pinned to the wall in my quilt corner to remind me not to forget that SC quilt will be done this year :-)
I will enjoy the hot chocolate one of these cold, rainy summer days, while working on the blocks.


A creative mess is better than tidy idleness -
I am a Project Management Flunkie!



  1. My SKoW blocks are all over the place too. I have 4 more blocks to sew, and then join up!

  2. It doesn't matter what order, as long as you keep working away on your beautiful projects! Miss Cat has a lovely quilt to sit on.

  3. Your Summer applique looks very nice, I can see why you prefer to work on it.
    I'm glad you liked the SC gifts from Melanie and me.

  4. It's important to have fun when you are making a BOM, so just do it your way :)

    Give Rusket a big hug from Rusken....purr purr:)

  5. Lovely goodies in this post...Aussie designers are pretty awesome !!!

  6. I love all of your stitcheries! Remember from DJ, There are no quilt police. ;O) AND your kitty looks fantastic on the DJ siggie quilt!
    Again, I just love your quotes.

  7. So glad you liked the SC parcel from Ulla and myself. We had a lot of fun collaborating on bringing all the SC ladies a mini Christmas.

    Great idea to bring the fun back into your project. You know it will get finished so why not make the journey fun. :-) Lovely blocks.

  8. lots of blocks prepared there.......well done......


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