Sunday, August 04, 2013

A busy week

Life has a way of letting everything happen at once, and this week has been busy in that regard

After a lovely weekend at May Britt's, my batteries was loaded and I had good plans and high hopes for a very productive week, but no such luck.......

First my computer died - a total hard drive melt down.
Luckily I could move my photos and documents in safe mode, to an external hard drive.
The computer is now in the shop. I hope it can be fixed.
Now I have one of DH's old computers and the operative system is to old to get my regular blogging program.
You have to bear with my photo not being cropped or turned today.

Next Miss Cat got a serious infection in a battle wound hid under all that fur.
She now has to stay indoors around the clock for 10 days, and you know she is an outdoor cat.
Not to mention the plastic contraption she has to wear around her head to not lick or scratch her wound.
Have you ever tried to give medication to an unhappy cat twice a day.....

I have done some hand sewing while cat sitting the house monster, and I have moved some Ufos forward.
Today I found this meshwork panel from 2008 and decided to turn it into a makeup purse for someone special.

I am very happy with the result. It was fun to make a coin purse to match too :-)
I did not have more of the dark pink and brown from the meshwork, but I managed to find something fairly matching.


  1. Du får utrolig mye gjort selv om ukene er travle. Impressed! Sminkepungen ble kjempefin

  2. Hei!! Pyton med pc kræsj!! Full sympati!! Ja jeg har hatt syk katt og det er IKKE morsomt!! De blir så deppa av den kragen!! Fine ting du har sydd!! Som vanlig!!:-)

  3. Det blir ikke bestandig som planlagt, men du får gjøre det beste ut av det. Og å tilbringe dagene i sykroken hjelper vel litt :) Så fin den toalettvesken ble: God bedring til Rusket :) og Pc'n :)

  4. Poor Miss Cat, I hope she is feeling better soon. You are still making great progress with your ufo's, I love the little purse. I have seen that pattern a few times and I think it's time I got my own copy......very cute.

  5. Adorable purses, lovely gift for a friend!


  6. Poor Miss Cat. I think I'll stick to wrangling with unhappy dogs and parrots! :-)

  7. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Hi Hanne
    I've just seen your beautiful quilt on my eldest sister's blog ( It is simply stunning. Like you, I also like to hand piece my patchwork quilts and I just wanted to say how incredibly beautiful I thought your quilt is, and what an amazing job the quilter has done. I like to make all of my quilts by hand (which means I only ever get to make one every two years or so) but the quilting on your quilt is the best long-arm quilting I have seen and I am now seriously reconsidering my opinions on long-arm quilting.

  8. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Hi Hanne

    I saw a picture of your red and white quilt on my sister's blog (nicola foreman) and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I also love to hand sew patchwork and I do my quilting by hand too (this does mean I don't get to make many quilts but each one is very special).. anyway, I wanted to say how very very beautiful I thought your quilt was, and whoever is sleeping under it must dream lovely dreams xx

  9. Just saying hi! I wander over from time to time from May Britt's! You both do such beautiful work.


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