Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tour de Fibre–catching up

P1080781P1080782It has been nearly 3 weeks since I last blogged…..
It was not intended, but life happened, in so many ways – some good, some not so good.

Here are some of the good things – my finishes :-)
Above – the Just Plain Nuts quilt is done, binding and all. I wonder if I should put a sleeve on the back, as the quilt is going to Birmingham with my machine quilter shortly.

JPN finished

P1080757I got a small piece of this New York fabric for my birthday, just the right size to make DD2 a small coin purse for her birthday.
You might remember she lived in New York a year ago, and I got to visit her in April last year.

We were together with friends when this fabric was bought, in the shop The City Quilter in New York and we have been to some of the places on the fabric together, like Grand Central Station and Greenwich Village :-)


P1080752Makeup purse for a good friend’s birthday  – I wish you Magical Happiness, always :-)


Digging into the Ufos and Wisps:

P1080761The stitchery says: Relax, it will be Christmas anyway:
How true, and something to keep in mind in a few months :-)

P1080764I had 3 care quilt tops ready to be quilted. Now they are done, and sent in to the care quilt coordinator.

P1080765I have lost the passion for making care quilts, so these are the last ones from my sewing machine.
14 years,
over 100 care quilts,
and a gazillion hours "in the service".
I wonder how many yards of fabric, how many yards of batting, how many spools of thread, and hours of driving I have been putting into the care quilt project over the years. Not few......

bordhjerterLife goes on, and it is good to take inventory and move forward.
More time to focus and quilt on :-)

P1080769These potholders are made from the best pieces of an old denim shirt, and is part of a gift for my favourite brother in law, who is a passionate BBQ man, together with a good steak knife and a box of marinade seasoning.

P1080771This stitchery is just framed with a binding, like the traditional tablecloth style, and the stitchery do not have any knots or threads wandering on the back side either. My craft teacher from school would be proud of me :-)


What happened to the angel quilt?
The top is done, but I have not done any machine quilting yet.






  1. Gratulerer Hanne med et fantastisk flott teppe !!!
    Du er helt utrolig til sånne flotte tepper :-)
    Over 100 care quilts, utrolig Hanne. Jeg tar av meg hatten for deg !!
    Nyt resten av sommeren .....

  2. You have done an amazing job with the care quilts. Now it is time to pass the sewing to some others. You have made so many children happy with those quilts and you can be proud of that.

    And well done on so many finishes!!!

  3. You have done a really impressing job with all the care quilts! And all your finishes are beautiful!

  4. Gratulerer med flott innsats. Imponerende hvor mange care quilts du har sydd. Ha en fortsatt fin sommer.

  5. Wow, your work is so wonderful.

  6. Your quilt is just beautiful. Congratulations on all the care quilts you have made, it's a special effort.

  7. wonderful work. your care quilts are pretty too, I do some donation quilts but not near what you do - yes you have taken your turn now others will take your place.

  8. You should be proud of yourself for making so many care quilts! You've made a lot of people happy...and now it's time to pass that on to someone else. Your Just Plain Nuts quilt is magnificent! Your work is always beautiful.

  9. Hanne, is your Just Plain Nuts going to the Festival of Quilts??

  10. Hello Hanne! Wow, you have done a marvelous job! You got so much accomplished. Well done! Everything is so lovely too!

  11. Amazing devotion to care quilts! I'm having separation anxiety from my JPN. It's at the LA quilter. Your JPN is stunning!

  12. For et flott teppe nydelig flott blog å

  13. Your quilt is just gorgeous.

  14. Love the first one and all the others are among my favorite things.
    Flowers farms etc.

  15. I must say that I think your Just Plain Nuts quilt is the most beautiful quilt I have come across.I love the colours you have used in it. Congratulations on the finish.

  16. So many beautiful creations!
    Your sunny care quilts are so lovely! And Angel quilt top - so sweet!


  17. You have really been busy there Hanne! All your projects are so beautiful. Are those jelly roll quilts you have made for charity? May the rest of the year be bring you an abundance of all GOOD things. I hope you are okay. Angel hugs.

  18. Beautiful work as always. I love the coin purses too.

  19. You have done more than your 'fair share' of care quilts Hanne. Time to pass the torch on. Just love your angel quilt. Turned out just wonderful. Wonder what goodies I'll be able to find in the City Quilter when I get there? Thinking batiks for a New York Beauty quilt will be a good memory!


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