Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Big changes!


Big changes – the Quilt Corner is gone from the living room, and everything are torn out for the big renovation – ceiling, flooring and walls.
It is like a shock to the system, but it will be great once it is done.


We found some very interesting wall paper from the 70s, under the not so interesting fake wood wall panel, also from the 70s.


When we moved here in 1995 we were on a shoestring budget and made do with painting all the brown walls and the mint green walls in the hall.


What we now call country style yellow was in fashion, with matching deep red cotton print curtains with ruffles – I guess you remember the style ?
Years later the curtains are gone and the yellow walls we liked so much back then were changed to white.


If you were into styles in the 70s, I bet you remember this linoleum too, which we had in the kitchen when we moved here and found a remnant of under the dining area dark brown laminate flooring.


The Quilt Corner looked like this only 2 days ago – with a chair for my husband to watch the football on TV after he has been  done with the renovation for the night.
All our furniture except his chair is living in the garage for the time being.


New flooring has been bought.

New ceiling is up, new white MDF is going on the walls.
Still we have many weeks work in our house before we are back to some sort of normal…..
When the walls are finished the rest of the linoleum will go and the carpenter can come to work on the floors.

3 weeks and counting…….


……… and a lot of hand sewing…………



  1. Spennende med skikkelig renovering selv om det er slitsomt mens det står på. Ser ut til å bli veldig fint. Kos deg med håndsømmen så lenge :)

  2. Vi bodde på Fantoft og Natland studentby på syttitallet i trehvitt fra golv til tak, så vi slapp heldigvis unna syttitallsmoten, med unntak av orange tv-kanne og tesil. I 2008/09 renoverte jeg hele mitt barndomshjem. Ni måneder tok det, men jammen ble det fint. Jeg blogget om det, jeg også. Det blir artig å følge med fremover.

  3. It's always interesting to see what lies beneath when you renovate. Looks like a big job but will be worth the wait when it's finished.

  4. ditta blir jo så bra --- lukke te ;)

  5. this is I am sure going to be a lovely place to quilt in when complete, good to have a hubby who can do the work and nice to see he takes time out on his chair sometimes.

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  7. Good luck with your renovations Hanne, I hope it all goes smoothly!!


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