Thursday, July 17, 2014

Welcome in – new Quilt Corner


Here is the new Quilt Corner, and it will stay here, in its own room.

The original plan was to move back to the old Quilt Corner, in the corner of the living room, but as we were taking the old corner down, I first thought I could have a smaller table there in the future – you can see the table I tested with in the first photo in the last post -  with a smaller sewing machine and hand piecing.
I know myself – it would have turned into chaos quite fast – reality check!

The new Quilt Corner used to be dear daughter 1’s old room and has doubled as a store room for my sewing stuff for a few years and it had many pieces of furniture.
It is not big – 7,7 square meters / 82 square foot, but after getting rid of some furniture I was able to fit the old Quilt Corner table under the window, so now I have a room with a view and a window!!

I find the daylight very comfortable – the old Quilt Corner did not have good natural light -  and I will be able to keep all my stuff in one room (in a while) , which will give us more room in the living room.

I have voted for 2 good chairs and a small table where the old Quilt Corner used to be – where you can see DH’s comfy chair in my last post, where we can sit together having coffee and I can have a good floor lamp for my stitchery.


Since my beloved furry quilt inspector walked the rainbow bridge in March – I used a lot of time to let her in and out of the veranda door in the living room -  and the girls are grown up and have moved out, I do not need a mommy commando central in the living room anymore.

I miss Miss Cat very much, to much for words, daily, but we will not have a new cat, due to allergies in the family.
Seeing her photo I can feel her fur and her smell……….
Your paw prints will forever be on my heart, Rusket!


I even got room for a design wall in the new Quilt Corner – how great is that ??


One of those big flannel-plastic sheets from Fons and Porter + 2 table cloth weights in the 2 upper corners let me hang the design wall on a double closet door and it can easily be moved /removed. I have never had a design wall in my life – I LOVE this one!

I have even tried the sewing machine today, for the first time in over a month, but that is food for another post :-)

The new Quilt Corner is quite filled up, but we will have to move everything out of here before to long, as part of The Big Flooring Project, making the house threshold free.
I am NOT looking forward to the move out, but I am looking forward to the move in and the time after, when I can organize my fabrics properly.

If you can picture my house as a capital L, the old Quilt Corner used to be in the bend – the heel of the L, and now it is in the toe, facing north west.



The sewing table in evening light

Around midnight last night I could enjoy a light Nordic summer night sky from the sewing table.




  1. nice to have a quilt corner all your own - have fun with the house remodeling.

  2. Det ser ut til at du har tingene på plass i quiltehjørnet ditt. Det er veldig kjekt å ha en egen plass. Designvegg er veldig lurt, og det bør jeg også ordne meg. Jeg har et stort syrom, og der har det værtkaos ganske lenge. Men nå er jeg i full gang med rydding og organisering, så det blir bra etter hvert:)

  3. That's a good quote. Enjoy the changes and the memories.

  4. During the chaos, it will be difficult, but I surely hope you will revel in the final results! Congrats on your own sewing room!

  5. Lots of work, but looks like it will be SO worth it in the end! Love your midnight picture from your sewing center.

  6. how good to have your machine in the window but you must not get distracted too often by what is happening outside. Seeing your design wall has made me think I could hang fabric from my 2 tall bookcases thanks for giving me the idea. Lovely photo at midnight

  7. Good on you Hanne. It looks like a nice comfortable area to sew in with lots of natural light. I love that pic of your beautiful cat.

  8. Hei. Dette ser flott ut! Godt å ha eget rom der tingene kan leve sitt eget liv. Kos deg og fortsatt god sommer ;-)

  9. Wonderful. Such perfect lighting and view for your sewing. I like having a view from my sewing room window too.

  10. Your new sewing space is delightful. Our dear furry Pokey kitty has been gone ten years, but I still think of her fondly. No kitty here either because of allergies, but lots of fabric. Thank you for sharing this!

  11. Du kommer til å stortrives på Syskrinet!!! Og så flott lys du får inn på sybordet nå :)

  12. Congratulations Hanne! You are going to enjoy your new Quilt Corner! :)

  13. I am enjoying the progress photos. I have the new floor in my studio and it was lovely for one day, and now all the furniture from the bedroom is in there. That is the last of the flooring to be done so maybe I can finish the studio in the next week or two.

  14. Gratulerer med nytt Quilt Corner. Deilig med dagslys når man skal sy :-)

  15. Your new corner looks very comfortable! I agree, it’s so much nicer to have lots of daylight. Enjoy. :-)

  16. Flott å se et nytt og ryddig syrom, skjønner jeg må sette igang etter ferien! Happy Sewing, Hanne :-)

  17. Gratulerer med syrom, du kommer nok til å sette pris på det. Også er det jo bare å ta med seg prosjekter ut i stua når man måtte ønske det :-)

  18. Congrats with a new sewing room :) I miss my old one, all my fabrics and notions is now stacked into a closet. Not a good thing always having to search through tons of stuff.


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