Monday, June 30, 2014

Busy, busy, busy


Going over my photos from the last 3 weeks I find that I really have get quite a lot done, in spite of life being quite busy outside Quilt Corner.
I know I picked some focus projects in my last post, but I often tend to rebel against my own lists ;-)


2 weeks ago we were away for the weekend, visiting friends, and instead of bringing flowers or wine, I decided to turn this LeMoyne star block into a cushion, embellishing it with one of my precious handmade strawberry buttons.
Our friends were happy about the gift – isn’t that the very best moments, when you can make someone happy by something that has made you happy first – a real win win situation :-)


My friend is a farmer and while she was doing her work indoors, I sat outside the barn in the sun, doing crochet.
I do not have a career as farm hand, but I am very patient if I can keep my hands busy :-)


Lace crochet is fun, and I am looking forward to give this as a gift for someone special!


I am soon running out of these handkerchiefs, and to my knowledge they can not be bought anymore – they are from the early 80s - so I am giving them away with a lot of planning who is getting one, and I am definitively keeping some for myself.


I needed a new toiletry purse for our weekend trip, and this was finished just in time.
I really like it when the both fronts and backs are looking good.


The stitchery has been done for a long time and has been in my Ufo box. It is one of the pre-prints one could buy from Tilda some years back. I like it a lot.


Next finish is this gorgeous table topper from Anni Downs.
I Love her designs and this was very fun to do. Not very fast, but stitchery is again a passion after I had my glasses adjusted recently so I can see better.




It is birthday season in my dear husband’s family, and these double yarn, double layer potholders now belongs to my dear sister in law, together with some fun kitchen equipment.
I started crocheting a summer top for myself from this yarn, but it did not turn out the way I wanted. The Turkish yarn was a bit fibery, if you know what I mean. Would not drape the right way in a garment, but was super great for potholders. Again I got to use some of my beloved buttons – these I bought in Canada some years back. Again, win win :-)



Never a dull moment – I’ll be back shortly!


  1. Always love reading your blog! You make such wonderful things! The pillows, the tablecloth, the potholders, even having a cold is going to be a pleasure with one of your handkerchiefs! Enjoy your day,

  2. Beautiful and practical gifts and projects. My button collection is precious too, but it's a good feeling to include them in a special gift.

  3. You have managed to get a lot of projects finished Hanne and they have all made lovely gifts! You must feel very pleased! They are all great projects! Congratulations!!

  4. hei Hanne,
    i Tyskland er det ikke noget problem at få fat i den slags lommetørklæder.
    Kig f.eks. her
    Der kan du få 6 styk til under 9 Euro. Sig til hvis du har brug for handlehjælp !

  5. Lots of lovely finishes in this post. The recipients will be very happy with their gifts.

  6. Such a beautiful variety of projects. I love the cushion and tge way you have done the back of it. Where did you find the strawberry button? So unique! Those crocheted hankies are really pretty and I love your toiletries bag. You are very clever to get all these things done . Some really lovely gifts made with love.

  7. certainly a lot of makes here and such a variety too, love the Anni Downs I too am a fan of her work

  8. I`m impressed! So many finishes. Do you sleep at all?? :)

  9. Hei, Hanne!

    For en fantastisk produksjon!
    Jeg liker veldig godt den beskrivelsen av en vinn-vinn situasjon, når du selv har hatt gleden ved å lage noe, før du gir det bort :)Det er jo akkurat slik det er! Puten ble forresten kjempefin!

    Ønsker deg ei fortsatt fin helg!


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